Prof. Dr. Tobias Friedrich

Media Collection

The primary output of the Algorithm Engineering group are peer-reviewed research papers in conference proceedings and scientific journals. Unfortunately, most of this work is not very visual. This motivates us to collect some visual appearances of the research group on this page. Most headings and pictures link to their respective source. Recordings of research talks are in English. Most other videos are in German.

April 2019: Annual group picture

New year, new group picture. In 2019, we continued our tradition of taking a picture with the researchers and students of the chair.

Photo credit: HPI/K. Herschelmann

A picture of the Algorithm Engineering group in 2019.
A picture of the Algorithm Engineering group in 2019.

April 2019: HPI podcast on algorithms

Episode 4 of the HPI podcast Neuland - Der HPI-Wissenspodcast (in German) features an interview with Tobias Friedrich and Timo Kötzing about algorithms and their influence on our everyday life.

Photo credit: HPI/K. Herschelmann

Prof. T. Friedrich in front of the HPI main building.

Feb 2019: Talk by Oliver Brock

Oliver Brock (TU Berlin) is a leading researcher at the interface of robotics and biology. The Algorithm Engineering group invited him to give a talk about Artificial Intelligence: Does It Require A Body? at the HPI Colloquium on February 21, 2019. A recording is available on Tele-TASK.

Feb 2019: Day on Computational Game Theory

The HPI hosted the 6th Day on Computational Game Theory (DCGT) on February 14/15, 2019. The meeting, organized by Tobias Friedrich and Pascal Lenzner, brought together researchers from computer science, operations research and economics, who are working on game theory and social choice.

Photo credit: HPI/K. Herschelmann

Jan 2019: FAU Wintercontest

Christopher Weyand and the HPI Competitive Programming student club hosted a contest site for the FAU Wintercontest 2019 enabling six HPI teams to participate. Two of them, Hexaflexagons and mosHPIt, reached the top 10.

Photo credit: C. Weyand

HPI teams competing in the FAU Wintercontest 2019.

Oct 2018: President's prize for best thesis

Maximilian Katzmann was awarded this-years President's prize for best thesis (Examenspreis des Präsidenten) of the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science of the Friedrich Schiller University Jena for his master's thesis on Hyperbolic Embeddings for Near-Optimal Greedy Routing.

Photo credit: D. Dallendörfer

Sep 2018: New PhD students receive perfect score

The former HPI Master students Philipp Fischbeck, Stefan Neubert, and Christopher Weyand joined the AE group as PhD students. All three graduated at the top of their class with a perfect grade average of 1.0.

Photo credit: HPI/K. Herschelmann

Jul 2018: AE-Team runner-up in HPI volleyball tourney

The AE-Team, Thomas Bläsius, Tobias Friedrich, Philipp Fischbeck, Andreas Göbel, and Maximilian Katzmann, become the runner-up of the traditional volleyball tournament of the 2018 HPI Summer Party.

Photo credit: HPI/K. Herschelmann

Jul 2018: Best paper award at SAT

Tobias Friedrich and Ralf Rothenberger receive the 2018 best paper award of the International Conference on Theory and Applications of Satisfiability Testing (SAT) for their work on the Sharpness of the Satisfiability Threshold for Non-Uniform Random k-SAT.

Photo credit: SAT 2018

May 2018: Annual group picture

Every spring, we take a new group picture including the researchers and students of the chair.

Photo credit: HPI/K. Herschelmann

Oct 2017: Image film

The current research and teaching activities of the chair are depicted in a short video. The image films are available in German and English.

Oct 2017: TV interview on randomness

The regional German television network MDR produced a TV programme on randomness. It aired September 28, 2017 as part of their LexiTV science magazine. The whole programme can be found here (in German). Tobias Friedrich gave a short interview on randomness in computer science.

Sep 2017: Massive open online course

The Algorithm Engineering group participates in the HPI's effort to provide key knowledge in computer science to the general public. Thomas Bläsius, Timo Kötzing, Pascal Lenzner, and Karen Seidel gave a massive open online course on the openHPI platform. The course titled Einführung in die Mathematik der Algorithmik (Introduction to the Mathematics of Algorithms) teaches the basic mathematical concepts of modern-day algorithmics.

Aug 2017: Competitive programming

As a coaching for international programming contests, we conducted a course on (Advanced) Competitive Programming in the summer term 2017. On August 1 the final programming contest of the class took place. In keeping with the tradition of the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest, the students received colored balloons for every exercise solved.

Jul 2017: HPI summer party

The traditional beach volleyball tournament at the 2017 HPI Summer Party was won by a team made up of members and students of the Algorithm Engineering group. Thomas Bläsius, Fabian Dumke, Philipp Fischbeck, Jennifer Stamm, and Björn Zyska became this-years volleyball champions.

Jul 2017: Toby Walsh visits the HPI

Toby Walsh is a leading researcher in Artificial Intelligence. He visited HPI and gave a talk on "Will AI end jobs, wars, or humanity?" on July 6, 2017. A recording is available on Tele-Task.

Toby Wals talking at the HPI.

May 2017: Annual group picture

Every year in May, we take a new group picture. In 2017 the researchers and students of the chair were again pictured by Kay Herschelmann.

Nov 2016: Talk by Timo Kötzing

Timo Kötzing gave a talk general-audience talk on Optimization - From Classic Approaches to Black-Box Heuristics at the HPI Colloquium on November 24, 2016. A recording is available on Tele-TASK.

Timo Kötzing talking at the HPI.

Nov 2016: ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest

The ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest (ACM ICPC) is a team programming competition for university students. The HPI participated for the first time with the team "HexaFlexagons" in the Northwestern Europe Regional Contest (NWERC) in Bath, UK. Our team was recruited and trained in our course Competitive Programming.

Nov 2016: Talk by Rolf Niedermeier

Rolf Niedermeier from TU Berlin is one of the world-wide leading experts in parameterized and multivariate algorithm design and analysis. He gave a talk on Parameterized Algorithmics - On Interactions with Heuristics in the HPI Colloquium on November 10, 2016. A recording is available on Tele-Task.

Rolf Niedermeier talking at the HPI.

Sep 2016: Probabilistic Routing for On-Street Parking Search

Our bachelor project 2015/16 worked on an efficient algorithm to predict good parking spots based on estimated success probabilities of parking attempts from the past. Several local newspapers, radio and TV stations reported on their work.

May 2016: Annual group picture

Every year in May, we take a new group picture. In 2016 the researchers and students of the chair were pictured by Kay Herschelmann.

Dez 2015: Deep Tech Award

The Deep Tech Award honors innovative hardware and systems-related software from Berlin. Tobias Friedrich was part of the jury to award prize money totalling 50.000 Euro.

Nov 2015: Digital Science Match

The Digital Science Match is a platform for connecting research and high-tech economy, organized by The Tagesspiegel. The topics were big data and artificial intelligence, digital sovereignty, digital technologies, predictive simulation and high performance computing. Tobias Friedrich presented the research group.

Aug 2015: Opening Speech Schülerkolleg

The HPI-Schülerkolleg teaches high-school students from Berlin and Brandenburg the basics of programming and robotics. Tobias Friedrich gave the opening speech of the Schülerkolleg 2015/16.

Jun 2014: CEOI in Jena

The Central European Olympiad in Informatics (CEOI) was co-organized by Tobias Friedrich at the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics of the Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena and the Carl-Zeiss-Gymnasium Jena. The regional TV station MDR broadcasted a short report on the programming contest.

Spring 2011: FSOC Cooperation with Adelaide

Some group members already cooperated with the HPI Future SOC Lab before the Algorithm Engineering group was found at HPI. The following short video describes a joint project with the University of Adelaide.