path2.ai GmbH specialises in the implementation of customised AI prototypes, which can be implemented within four to six weeks, depending on the complexity of the problem. On the basis of these tangible prototypes, companies can make fact-based decisions about the potential offered by artificial intelligence and how it can be practically integrated into their business operations. The vision of path2.ai is to make the step from ideas about artificial intelligence to applied practice as small as possible.


The used technologies include state-of-the-art deep learning methods combined with best practices from past projects. A scalable cloud infrastructure is used to process large amounts of data.


path2.ai GmbH was founded in February 2020 by the data engineers Johannes Hötter and Henrik Wenck, who met each other in a seminar held by Hasso Plattner. Johannes has a Bachelor's degree in Business Information Systems, was an SAP consultant and has been working for several years in the development of artificial neural networks. Henrik studied physics and business mathematics, taught linear algebra and worked in an analytics team of a leading German technology group.