Prof. Dr. Tobias Friedrich

All publications in 2010

The following listing contains all publications of the current members of the Algorithm Engineering group in 2010.

Conference Publications


  • SolutionsToOpenQuestionsForNonUShapedLearningWithMemoryLimitations.pdf
    Case, John; Kötzing, Timo Solutions to Open Questions for Non-U-Shaped Learning with Memory Limitations. Algorithmic Learning Theory (ALT) 2010: 285-299
  • TheoreticalPropertiesOfTwoACOApproachesForTheTravelingSalesmanProblem.pdf
    Kötzing, Timo; Neumann, Frank; Röglin, Heiko; Witt, Carsten Theoretical Properties of Two ACO Approaches for the Traveling Salesman Problem. International Conference on Swarm Intelligence (ANTS) 2010: 324-335
  • TheCoverTimeOfDeterministicRandomWalks2010.pdf
    Friedrich, Tobias; Sauerwald, Thomas The Cover Time of Deterministic Random Walks. Computing and Combinatorics Conference (COCOON) 2010: 130-139
  • StronglyNon-U-ShapedLearningResultsByGeneralTechniques.pdf
    Case, John; Kötzing, Timo Strongly Non-U-Shaped Learning Results by General Techniques. Conference On Learning Theory (COLT) 2010: 181-193
  • ratfish2010.pdf
    Backes, Michael; Ciobotaru, Oana; Krohmer, Anton RatFish: A File Sharing Protocol Provably Secure against Rational Users. European Symposium on Research in Computer Security (ESORICS) 2010: 607-625
  • OrthogonalGraphDrawingWithFlexibilityConstraintsConference.pdf
    Bläsius, Thomas; Krug, Marcus; Rutter, Ignaz; Wagner, Dorothea Orthogonal Graph Drawing with Flexibility Constraints. Graph Drawing (GD) 2010: 92-104
  • BerghammerFN10.pdf
    Berghammer, Rudolf; Friedrich, Tobias; Neumann, Frank Set-based multi-objective optimization, indicators, and deteriorative cycles. Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO) 2010: 495-502
  • BringmannF10.pdf
    Bringmann, Karl; Friedrich, Tobias The maximum hypervolume set yields near-optimal approximation. Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO) 2010: 511-518
    Best Paper Award (EMO Track)
  • AntColonyOptimizationAndTheMinimumCutProblem.pdf
    Kötzing, Timo; Lehre, Per Kristian; Neumann, Frank; Oliveto, Pietro Simone Ant colony optimization and the minimum cut problem. Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO) 2010: 1393-1400
  • ScalingUpIndicatorBasedMOEAsByApproximatingTheLeastHypervolumeContributorAPreliminaryStudy.pdf
    Voß, Thomas; Friedrich, Tobias; Bringmann, Karl; Igel, Christian Scaling up indicator-based MOEAs by approximating the least hypervolume contributor: a preliminary study. Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO) 2010: 1975-1978
  • StringExtensionLearningUsingLattices.pdf
    Kasprzik, Anna; Kötzing, Timo String Extension Learning Using Lattices. Language and Automata Theory and Applications (LATA) 2010: 380-391
  • MoreEffectiveCrossoverOperatorsForTheAll-PairsShortestPathProblem.pdf
    Doerr, Benjamin; Johannsen, Daniel; Kötzing, Timo; Neumann, Frank; Theile, Madeleine More Effective Crossover Operators for the All-Pairs Shortest Path Problem. Parallel Problem Solving from Nature (PPSN) 2010: 184-193
  • BringmannF10ppsn.pdf
    Bringmann, Karl; Friedrich, Tobias Tight Bounds for the Approximation Ratio of the Hypervolume Indicator. Parallel Problem Solving from Nature (PPSN) 2010: 607-616
  • DirectedPlateauSearchForMax-K-Sat.pdf
    Sutton, Andrew M.; Howe, Adele E.; Whitley, L. Darrell Directed Plateau Search for MAX-k-SAT. Symposium on Combinatorial Search (SOCS) 2010
  • EfficientBroadcastOnRandomGeometricGraphs.pdf
    Bradonjic, Milan; Elsässer, Robert; Friedrich, Tobias; Sauerwald, Thomas; Stauffer, Alexandre Efficient Broadcast on Random Geometric Graphs. Symposium on Discrete Algorithms (SODA) 2010: 1412-1421
  • QuasirandomLoadBalancing.pdf
    Friedrich, Tobias; Gairing, Martin; Sauerwald, Thomas Quasirandom Load Balancing. Symposium on Discrete Algorithms (SODA) 2010: 1620-1629
  • albers_lenzner_WINE10.pdf
    Albers, Susanne; Lenzner, Pascal On Approximate Nash Equilibria in Network Design. Conference on Web and Internet Economics (WINE) 2010: 14-25

Journal Publications


  • ApproximatingTheVolumeOfUnionsAndIntersectionsOfHighDimensionalGeometricObjectsJournal.pdf
    Bringmann, Karl; Friedrich, Tobias Approximating the volume of unions and intersections of high-dimensional geometric objects. Computational Geometry 2010: 601-610
  • AverageCaseAnalysisOfIncrementalTopologicalOrderingJournal.pdf
    Ajwani, Deepak; Friedrich, Tobias Average-case analysis of incremental topological ordering. Discrete Applied Mathematics 2010: 240-250
  • TheCoverTimeOfDeterministicRandomWalks.pdf
    Friedrich, Tobias; Sauerwald, Thomas The Cover Time of Deterministic Random Walks. Electronic Journal of Combinatorics 2010
  • AnEfficientAlgorithmForComputingHypervolumeContributionsJournal.pdf
    Bringmann, Karl; Friedrich, Tobias An Efficient Algorithm for Computing Hypervolume Contributions. Evolutionary Computation 2010: 383-402
  • ApproximatingCoveringProblemsByRandomizedSearchHeuristicsUsingMultiObjectiveModelsJournal.pdf
    Friedrich, Tobias; He, Jun; Hebbinghaus, Nils; Neumann, Frank; Witt, Carsten Approximating Covering Problems by Randomized Search Heuristics Using Multi-Objective Models. Evolutionary Computation 2010: 617-633
  • WhenToUseBitWiseNeutralityJournal.pdf
    Friedrich, Tobias; Neumann, Frank When to use bit-wise neutrality. Natural Computing 2010: 283-294
  • CooperDFS10.pdf
    Cooper, Joshua N.; Doerr, Benjamin; Friedrich, Tobias; Spencer, Joel Deterministic random walks on regular trees. Random Structures and Algorithms 2010: 353-366
  • PlateausCanBeHarderInMultiObjectiveOptimizationJournal.pdf
    Friedrich, Tobias; Hebbinghaus, Nils; Neumann, Frank Plateaus can be harder in Multi-Objective Optimization. Theoretical Computer Science 2010: 854-864