Prof. Dr. Tobias Friedrich

Publications at WINE

Below you find the list of all publications of the Algorithm Engineering group presented at the Conference on Web and Internet Economics (WINE).

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  • Convergence and Hardness ... - Download
    Echzell, Hagen; Friedrich, Tobias; Lenzner, Pascal; Molitor, Louise; Pappik, Marcus; Schöne, Friedrich; Sommer, Fabian; Stangl, David Convergence and Hardness of Strategic Schelling Segregation. Web and Internet Economics (WINE) 2019: 156-170


  • Greedy Selfish Network Cr... - Download
    Lenzner, Pascal Greedy Selfish Network Creation. Web and Internet Economics (WINE) 2012: 142-155


  • On Approximate Nash Equil... - Download
    Albers, Susanne; Lenzner, Pascal On Approximate Nash Equilibria in Network Design. Web and Internet Economics (WINE) 2010: 14-25