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Publications of Nicolas Klodt

The following listing contains all publications of Nicolas Klodt. Further publications of the research group can be found on the current list of publications and the complete list of publications. Individual listings are available locally as PDF.

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2023 [ nach oben ]

  • Temporal Network Creation... - Download
    Bilò, Davide; Cohen, Sarel; Friedrich, Tobias; Gawendowicz, Hans; Klodt, Nicolas; Lenzner, Pascal; Skretas, George Temporal Network Creation GamesInternational Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI) 2023: 2511–2519

2021 [ nach oben ]

  • Learning Languages with D... - Download
    Berger, Julian; Böther, Maximilian; Doskoč, Vanja; Gadea Harder, Jonathan; Klodt, Nicolas; Kötzing, Timo; Lötzsch, Winfried; Peters, Jannik; Schiller, Leon; Seifert, Lars; Wells, Armin; Wietheger, Simon Learning Languages with Decidable HypothesesComputability in Europe (CiE) 2021: 25–37
  • A Color-blind 3-Approxima... - Download
    Casel, Katrin; Friedrich, Tobias; Issac, Davis; Klodt, Nicolas; Seifert, Lars; Zahn, Arthur A Color-blind 3-Approximation for Chromatic Correlation Clustering and Improved HeuristicsKnowledge Discovery and Data Mining (KDD) 2021: 882–891