Prof. Dr. Tobias Friedrich

Publications at FOGA

Below you find the list of all publications of the Algorithm Engineering group presented at the ACM/SIGEVO Workshop on Foundations of Genetic Algorithms (FOGA).

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2017 [ nach oben ]

  • Lower Bounds on the Run T... - Download
    Krejca, Martin S.; Witt, Carsten Lower Bounds on the Run Time of the Univariate Marginal Distribution Algorithm on OneMaxFoundations of Genetic Algorithms (FOGA) 2017: 65–79
  • Resampling vs Recombinati... - Download
    Friedrich, Tobias; Kötzing, Timo; Quinzan, Francesco; Sutton, Andrew Michael Resampling vs Recombination: a Statistical Run Time EstimationFoundations of Genetic Algorithms (FOGA) 2017: 25–35
  • Analysis of the (1+1) EA ... - Download
    Friedrich, Tobias; Kötzing, Timo; Lagodzinski, J. A. Gregor; Neumann, Frank; Schirneck, Martin Analysis of the (1+1) EA on Subclasses of Linear Functions under Uniform and Linear ConstraintsFoundations of Genetic Algorithms (FOGA) 2017: 45–54
  • On the Use of the Dual Fo... - Download
    Pourhassan, Mojgan; Friedrich, Tobias; Neumann, Frank On the Use of the Dual Formulation for Minimum Weighted Vertex Cover in Evolutionary AlgorithmsFoundations of Genetic Algorithms (FOGA) 2017: 37–44

2011 [ nach oben ]

  • Approximating the distrib... - Download
    Sutton, Andrew M.; Whitley, Darrell; Howe, Adele E. Approximating the distribution of fitness over hamming regionsFoundations of Genetic Algorithms (FOGA) 2011: 93–104
  • Simple max-min ant system... - Download
    Kötzing, Timo; Neumann, Frank; Sudholt, Dirk; Wagner, Markus Simple max-min ant systems and the optimization of linear pseudo-boolean functionsFoundations of Genetic Algorithms (FOGA) 2011: 209–218

2009 [ nach oben ]

  • Don't be greedy when calc... - Download
    Bringmann, Karl; Friedrich, Tobias Don’t be greedy when calculating hypervolume contributionsFoundations of Genetic Algorithms (FOGA) 2009: 103–112
  • Computing Single Source S... - Download
    Baswana, Surender; Biswas, Somenath; Doerr, Benjamin; Friedrich, Tobias; Kurur, Piyush P.; Neumann, Frank Computing Single Source Shortest Paths using Single-Objective Fitness FunctionsFoundations of Genetic Algorithms (FOGA) 2009: 59–66