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Publications of Christian Hercher

The following listing contains all publications of Christian Hercher. Further publications of the research group can be found on the current list of publications and the complete list of publications. Individual listings are available externally on DBLP.

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2018 [ to top ]

  • RandGreedy.pdf
    Gao, Wanru; Friedrich, Tobias; Neumann, Frank; Hercher, Christian Randomized Greedy Algorithms for Covering Problems. Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO) 2018: 309-315

2015 [ to top ]

  • OnTheKernelSizeOfCliqueCoverReductionsForRandomInteresectionGraphs.pdf
    Friedrich, Tobias; Hercher, Christian On the kernel size of clique cover reductions for random intersection graphs. Journal of Discrete Algorithms 2015: 128-136