Prof. Dr. Tilmann Rabl


Prof. Dr. Tilmann Rabl , Prof. Dr. Felix Naumann


This all-to-all collaborative lecture series will feature presentations by distinguished researchers from German universities on the topic of database research. Besides an overview of topics in the field, we will introduce excellent database research groups in Germany. The lecture series is a collaboration of many database research groups and will be offered at multiple universities in parallel. The format will be hybrid with local and remote presentations and a parallel student poster session at all participating universities - a national DB event.

Recordings of the presentations will be available on Tele-Task.


The course will be held in L-E.03, Tuesdays, 5pm.

17.10.2023Opening & Hardware Efficient Stream Processing (slides)Tilmann Rabl (HPI)
24.10.2023Hardware Parallelism & Transaction Processing Systems (slides)Pınar Tözün (IT University of Copenhagen)
31.10.2023No course 
07.11.2023System Infrastructure for Data-centric ML Pipelines (slides)Matthias Boehm (TU Berlin)
14.11.2023A Fix for the Fixation on Fixpoints (Rethinking Iteration in SQL) (In L-1.02)Torsten Grust (University of Tübingen)
21.11.2023Two Tier Architectures are AnachronisticHannes Mühleisen (CWI)
28.11.2023Detecting Data-Code Mismatches in Machine Learning PipelinesStefanie Scherzinger (University of Passau)

Towards Learned Database Systems

Carsten Binnig (TU Darmstadt) 

Data Profiling

Felix Naumann (HPI)
19.12.2023SmartNICs in the Cloud: The Why, What and How of In-network ProcessingZsolt Istvan (TU Darmstadt)
26.12.2023Winter break 
02.01.2024Winter break 
09.01.2024Pushing Computation to the Sources: On Distribution in Complex Event ProcessingMatthias Weidlich (HU Berlin)

Data Cleaning

Ziawasch Abedjan (Leibniz Universität Hannover)
23.01.2024Optimizing the Optimizer Wolfgang Lehner (TU Dresden) 
30.01.2024Commoditizing Data Analytics in the CloudViktor Leis (TU Munich)
06.02.2024Open Compilation and Optimization Framework for Future-proof Data  ProcessingJana Giceva (TU Munich)
09.02.2024Student Poster Session (L-E-03) 

General information

Time and Location: The presentations will be held in a hybrid fashion. Some of them may be conducted fully online, which we will announce beforehand.

You can access the course on Moodle.

The course is graded and has 3 ECTS.


Lecture summary

You have to write a summary for one lecture. Depending on the number of participants, this will be done in groups. Each lecture will be assigned to one person or group.

All summaries will be published on the course website. The summary should give a quick and engaging overview of the talk (10-15 min reading time). We will ask the presenters to review your summary and help you with questions.

Individual Poster Project

You have to prepare an A1 poster, with one of the following contents depending on your study level. You will be able to present your poster at the final session.

Bachelor Students: Based on one or more of the lectures, you can either prepare a technology landscape or explain a data science or data engineering process. Both should be as detailed as possible.

Master Students: To extend technology or methodology presented in one or multiple of the lectures, you should prepare a research project proposal. The poster should highlight goal, problem, and solution of your proposal and the connection to the lecture.


  • 50% - Lecture summary (starting from 04.12.2023) 
  • 50% - Individual poster project (due by: 01.02.2024)