Prof. Dr. Felix Naumann

Tobias Vogel










FOAF Description



  • Data Quality Services for Duplicate Detection

Research Areas

  • Duplicate Detection
  • Data Cleaning


Running Projects

Finished Projects

  • PoSR (Potsdam Service Repository)
  • iDuDe (Duplicate Detection for iOS)


  • WS 2009/2010: Master's Seminar "Emerging Web Services Technologies"
  • WS 2009/2010: Workshop "Duplikaterkennung"
  • SS 2010: Master's Seminar: "Similarity Search Algorithms"


  • Local Arrangements Chair for ICIQ 2009


  • Reach for Gold: An Annealing Standard to Evaluate Duplicate Detection Results. Vogel, Tobias; Heise, Arvid; Draisbach, Uwe; Lange, Dustin; Naumann, Felix in JDIQ (2014). 5(1-2)
  • Semi-Supervised Consensus Clustering: Reducing Human Effort. Vogel, Tobias; Naumann, Felix (2014).
  • Automatic Blocking Key Selection for Duplicate Detection based on Unigram Combinations. Vogel, Tobias; Naumann, Felix (2012).
  • Instance-based "one-to-some" Assignment of Similarity Measures to Attributes. Vogel, Tobias; Naumann, Felix (2011).
  • Projektseminar "Similarity Search Algorithms". Lange, Dustin; Vogel, Tobias; Draisbach, Uwe; Naumann, Felix in Datenbank-Spektrum (2011). 11(1) 51–57.
  • Self-Adaptive Data Quality Web Services. Vogel, Tobias (2010).
  • POSR: A Comprehensive System for Aggregating and Using Web Services (demo). AbuJarour, Mohammed; Craculeac, Mircea; Menge, Falko; Vogel, Tobias; Schwarz, Jan-Felix (2009).
  • Encapsulating Multi-stepped Web Forms as Web Services. Vogel, Tobias; Kaufer, Frank; Naumann, Felix (2009). 488–497.

Master's Theses

  • <a href="http://www.hpi.uni-potsdam.de/fileadmin/user_upload/fachgebiete/naumann/arbeiten/Thema_Masterarbeit.pdf">Duplicate Detection Across Structured And Unstructured Data</a> - David Sonnabend <br>
  • Duplicate Detection with CrowdSourcing (e.g. Amazon's Mechanical Turk) - David Wenzel