Prof. Dr. Felix Naumann

Open theses

The information systems group is always looking for good master students to advise on their master's theses. If you are interested in any of our research topics, please directly contact Felix Naumann or any of the researchers to arrange a meeting. There, we can discuss any of the topics listed below, find new topics, or you can suggest a topic of your own. Please note that the list below is only a small sample of possible thesis topics and ideas. 

For more information about writing a master's theses in our group, please see here.

Session Detection for Systematic Changes by Users

Fine-granular Matching of Table-cells over Time

Univariate Anomaly Detection in Time Series

Efficient, Distributed, and Holistic Discovery of Data Dependencies

Distributed Discovery of Denial Constraints

Few-shot learning for Entity Matching

Understanding the roles of explanation data in Entity Matching scenarios

Explaining NLP models via token relations

Combined Filtering for Speeding up Joins

Contextual Schema Transformation for Generating Data Integration Benchmarks