Prof. Dr. Felix Naumann

Ongoing master's theses

Topic Student Supervision
Distributed Unique Column Combination Discovery Benjamin Feldmann Dr. Thorsten Papenbrock, Dr. Thomas Bläsius, Martin Schirneck
Jointly Learning Document and Label Embeddings for Hierarchically Labeled Text Samuele Garda Dr. Ralf Krestel, Julian Risch

Modeling User Behavior in Online Discussions on News Platforms

Victor Künstler

Dr. Ralf Krestel, Julian Risch

Inclusion Dependency Discovery on Streaming Data Alexander Preuss Dr. Thorsten Papenbrock
Reactive Inclusion Dependency Discovery Frederic Schneider Dr. Thorsten Papenbrock
Finding Related Tables on the Web Fabian Windheuser Prof. Naumann, Hazar Harmouch
Wikipedia Table Layout Detection and Standardization Martin Zabel Tobias Bleifuß, Leon Bornemann, Prof. Naumann


Completed master theses