Prof. Dr. Felix Naumann

What is CurEx?

In a nutshell, CurEx is a system to build, curate and explore domain-specific knowledge graphs from structured and unstructured datasources. 

One of the main features of the system is that it provides two key interfaces. The first is aimed at data scientists who are mainly concerned with the conversion of data into knowledge graphs. For this purpose they need tools to extract, integrate and curate the data needed to create a meaningful knowledge graph. A second interface, the Entity Landscape Explorer (ELEX), is aimed at end users whose main task is to explore and work with the graph. 

The following video was recorded for CIKM 2018 and demonstrates the core functionalities of the CurEx system. 





  • Michael Loster (Project Lead)
  • Jan Ehmüller (Text Mining / Entity Linking)
  • Benjamin Feldmann (UI/UX)


  • Leonard Pabst (Data Integration / Deduplication)
  • Lando Löper (Data Integration / Deduplication)
  • Milan Gruner (Curation Frontend / UI/UX)
  • Matthias Radscheit (Data Integration / Deduplication)
  • Jonathan Janetzki (Text Mining / Entity Linking)
  • Nils Strelow (Curation Frontend / UI/UX)
  • Alec Schneider (Text Mining / Relationship Extraction)


For questions or feedback, please contact Michael Loster.