Prof. Dr. Felix Naumann

Data Preparation

Data preparation is the process of transforming data before serving them to downstream tasks, such as data analytics, data cleaning, and machine learning. Much data do not meet the requirements of the following tasks, leading users, including both expert data scientists and novice data users, to frequently conduct ad-hoc data preparation. It is reported that preparing data is both labour-intensive and tedious work, which accounts for 50%-80% of the time spent in the whole data lifecycle. 

We explore to build a data preparation framework to achieve two goals:

  • Enable users to rapidly prepare data
  • Enable repeatability of scientific experiments by deriving suitable data preparation specification


We propose for both metadata and preparators a respective taxonomy. We use the defined metadata and preparators to create standard specifications of data transformations. The whole taxonomies can be found here.

Team Members


  • Strudel - Structure detection in verbose CSV files
  • AggreCol - Aggregation detection in Verbose CSV files
  • Mondrian - Detecting layout templates in complex multiregion files
  • Pollock - A data loading benchmark                                    
  • MaGRiTTE - Learning structural embeddings of data files
  • Survey -  Data preparation from industry perspective: A survey
  • Suragh - Detecting ill-formed Records in CSV Files
  • Tasheeh - Cleaning ill-formed Records in CSV Files


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Related Work

We have compiled the related work corresponding to the individual research topics on data preparation. For the whole list please refer to here.


For further information on this project please fell free to contact us: Felix NaumannLan Jiang, Gerardo Vitagliano, Mazhar Hameed.