Prof. Dr. Felix Naumann


ICSOC Paper Accepted

The 9th International Conference on Service Oriented Computing (ICSOC 2011)
Paphos, Cyprus

Revealing Hidden Relations among Web Services
Using Business Process Knowledge

Ahmed Awad and Mohammed AbuJarour

Abstract. "The wide spread of Service-oriented Computing and Cloud Computing has been increasing the number of web services on the Web. This increasing number of web services complicates the task of service discovery, in particular because of lack of rich service descriptions. Relations among web services are usually used to enhance service discovery. Formal service descriptions, logs of service invocations, or service compositions are typically used to find such relations. However, using such sources of knowledge enables finding simple relations only. In a previous work, we proposed to use business processes (BPs) to refine relations among web services used in the configurations of these BPs. That approach was limited to web services directly consumed by a single business process. In this paper, we generalize that approach and aim at predicting rich relations among web services that were not directly used together in any process configuration yet. To achieve this goal, we take all individual business processes (from a business process repository) and their configurations over web services (from a service registry) in the form of so-called extended behavioral profiles. These disparate profiles are then merged so that a single global profile is derived. Based on the aggregated knowledge in this global profile, we reveal part of the unknown relations among web services that have not been used together yet. We validate our approach through a set of experiments on a collection of business processes from SAP reference model."


Acceptance rate: 16%