Prof. Dr. Felix Naumann


We are happy to announce that our paper "Discovering Biased News Articles Leveraging Multiple Human Annotations" has been accepted at the LREC 2020 conference in Marseille.

Authors:Konstantina Lazaridou, Alexander Löser, Maria Mestre and Felix Naumann

Abstract: Unbiased and fair reporting is an integral part of ethical journalism. Yet, political propaganda and one-sided views can be found in the news and can cause distrust in media. Both accidental and deliberate political bias a˙ect the readers and shape their views. We contribute to a trustworthy media ecosystem by automatically identifying politically biased news articles. We introduce novel corpora annotated by two communities, i.e., domain experts and crowd workers, and we also consider automatic article labels inferred by the newspapers’ ideologies. Our goal is to compare domain experts to crowd workers and also to prove that media bias can be detected automatically. We classify news articles with a neural network and we also improve our performance in a self-supervised manner.