Prof. Dr. Felix Naumann


Screenshot of the exploration interface showing a small sample of research papers and the associated co-authorship network.

Demo Paper Accepted at IUI 2020

Our demo paper 

  • "Exploration Interface for Jointly Visualised Text and Graph Data" by Tim Repke and Ralf Krestel

was accepted to this year's 25th International Conference on Intelligent User Interfaces (IUI 2020). The conference will take place from 17th - 20th March in Cagliary, Italy. We also provide our demo on GitHub. For further information, please check out our project page.


Many large text collections exhibit graph structures, either inherent to the content itself or encoded in the metadata of the individual documents. Example graphs extracted from document collections are co-author networks, citation networks, or named-entity-co-occurrence networks. Furthermore, social networks can be extracted from email corpora, tweets, or social media. When it comes to visualising these large corpora, traditionally either the textual content or the network graph are used.

We propose to incorporate both, text and graph, to not only visualise the semantic information encoded in the documents’ content but also the relationships expressed by the inherent network structure in a two-dimensional landscape. We illustrate the effectiveness of our approach with an exploration interface for different real world datasets.