Prof. Dr. Felix Naumann


Demo Paper Accepted at SIGMOD 2023

Marie Fischer, Paul Roessler, Paul Sieben, Janina Adamcic, Christoph Kirchherr, Tobias Sträubig, Youri Kaminsky, Felix Naumann

We are excited to announce that our demo paper titled “BCNF*—From Normalized- to Star-Schemas and Back Again” has been accepted at the Annual ACM SIGMOD/PODS Conference 2023. The paper is based on the work of six bachelor students in last year's bachelor project. The team created the tool in close collaboration with their external partner SBB Cargo AG. The code is available on GitHub.


Data warehouses are the core of many companies’ data analysis processes. They contain various database schemas, which are designed and created through schema transformation and integration. These processes are complex and require technical knowledge, which makes them costly and prevents business teams to start new analyses independently. BCNF∗ is a web application that enables users to safely explore valid schema transformations and generate transformation scripts automatically. It can be used for any schema transformation, but is optimized for semi-automatic data warehouse creation through means like a dedicated star schema mode.