Prof. Dr. Felix Naumann


How Inclusive are We?

Interview with Master's student Nele Sina Noack

The proportion of women in computer science stagnates at around 18 per cent despite numerous initiatives. The underrepresentation can also be seen at specialist conferences and in the number of publications by female scientists in specialist journals.

For some years now, various measures have therefore been taken to promote diversity in computer science. At Professor Felix Naumann's Chair of Information Systems, his team of international colleagues conducted an empirical study entitled "How Inclusive are We? An Analysis of Gender Diversity in Database Venues". The aim was to find out the extent of the underrepresentation and whether the lower number of publications could possibly be attributed to a gender bias on the part of the reviewers.

Nele Sina Noack, HPI student and student assistant at the Chair Information Systems, conducted an interview with HPI.

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