Prof. Dr. Felix Naumann


Congratulations Nitisha Jain!

Nitisha Jain had successfully defended her Ph.D. dissertation on October 13th, 2023 at the HPI! Her work is focused on the topic "Representation and Curation of Knowledge Graphs with Embeddings".

Abstract of her work:

Knowledge graphs are structured repositories of knowledge that store facts about the general world or a particular domain in terms of entities and their relationships. Owing to the heterogeneity of use cases that are served by them, there arises a need for the automated construction of domain­specific knowledge graphs from texts. While there have been many research efforts towards open information extraction for automated knowledge graph construction, these techniques do not perform well in domain-specific settings. Furthermore, regardless of whether they are constructed automatically from specific texts or based on real-world facts that are constantly evolving, all knowledge graphs inherently suffer from incompleteness as well as errors in the information they hold. 
This thesis investigates the challenges encountered during knowledge graph construction and proposes techniques for their curation ( a.k. a. refinement) including the correction of semantic ambiguities and the completion of missing facts. Firstly, we leverage existing approaches for the automatic construction of a knowledge graph in the art domain with open information extraction techniques and analyse their limitations. In particular, we focus on the challenging task of named entity recognition for artwork titles and show empirical evidence of performance improvement with our proposed solution for the generation of annotated training data.