Prof. Dr. Felix Naumann


Paper accepted at W-NUT 2024

We are excited to announce that the paper "The Effects of Data Quality on Named Entity Recognition" was accepted to be presented at the 9th Workshop on Noisy and User-generated Text (W-NUT).


Divya Bhadauria (University of Potsdam)
Alejandro Sierra-Múnera (Hasso Plattner Institute)
Prof. Dr. Ralf Krestel (Leibniz Information Center for Economics)


The extraction of valuable information from the vast amount of digital data available today has become increasingly important, making Named Entity Recognition models an essential component of information extraction tasks. This emphasizes the importance of understanding the factors that can compromise the performance of these models. Many studies have examined the impact of data annotation errors on NER models, leaving the broader implication of overall data quality on these models unexplored. In this work, we evaluate the robustness of three prominent NER models on datasets with varying amounts of textual noise types. The results show that as the noise in the dataset increases, model performance declines, with a minor impact for some noise types and a significant drop in performance for others. The findings of this research can be used as a foundation for building robust NER systems by enhancing dataset quality beforehand.