Prof. Dr. Felix Naumann


PhD Symposium Paper at ESWC 2020

The submission to the PhD Symposium track of this year's Extended Semantic Web Conference (ESWC 2020) has been accepted for oral and poster presentation. We are looking forward to the mentoring process and valuable feedback from the semantic web community.

Domain-Specific Knowledge Graph Construction for Semantic Analysis


Knowledge graphs are widely used for systematic representation of real world data. They serve as a backbone for a number of applications such as search, questions answering and recommendations. Large scale, general purpose knowledge graphs, having millions of facts, have been constructed through automated techniques from publicly available datasets such as Wikipedia. However, these knowledge graphs are typically incomplete and often fail to correctly capture the semantics of the data. This holds true particularly for domain-specific data, where the generic techniques for automated knowledge graph creation often fail due to novel challenges, such as lack of training data, semantic ambiguities and absence of representative ontologies.
In this thesis, we focus on automated knowledge graph constriction for the cultural heritage domain. We investigate the research challenges encountered during the creation of an ontology and a knowledge graph from digitized collections of cultural heritage data based on machine learning approaches. We identify the specific research problems for this task and present our methodology and approach for a solution along with preliminary results.