Prof. Dr. Felix Naumann


SIGIR Workshop on Patent Text Mining and Semantic Technologies

Ralf Krestel (HPI) is organizing this year's Workshop on Patent Text Mining and Semantic Technologies (PatentSemTech) together with Hidir Aras (FIZ Karlsruhe, Germany), Linda Andersson (Artificial Re-searcher, Austria), Florina Piroi (Data Science Studio, RSA FG, Austria), Allan Hanbury (TU Wien, Austria), and Dean Alderucci (CMU, USA). It will be co-located with SIGIR.

PatentSemTech aims to establish a long-term collaboration and a two-way communication channel between the IP industry and academia from relevant fields such as natural-language processing (NLP), text and data mining (TDM) and semantic technologies (ST) in order to explore and transfer new knowledge, methods and technologies for the benefit of industrial applications as well as support research in applied sciences for the IP and neighbouring domains.

More details and the call for papers can be found on the workshop's website: http://www.ifs.tuwien.ac.at/patentsemtech/