Prof. Dr. Felix Naumann


The paper titled 'Topic Shifts in StackOverflow: Ask it like Socrates' by Toni Gruetze, Ralf Krestel, and Felix Naumann has been selected to be presented at the 21st International Conference on Applications of Natual Language to Information Systems (NLDB) in Manchester in June.


Community based question-and-answer (Q&A) sites rely on well posed and appropriately tagged questions. However, most platforms have only limited capabilities to support their users in finding the right tags. In this paper, we propose a temporal recommendation model to support users in tagging new questions and thus improve their acceptance in the community. To underline the necessity of temporal awareness of such a model, we first investigate the changes in tag usage and show different types of collective attention in StackOverflow, a community-driven Q&A website for computer programming topics. Furthermore, we examine the changes over time in the correlation between question terms and topics. Our results show that temporal awareness is indeed important for recommending tags in Q&A communities.