Prof. Dr. Felix Naumann

Ioannis Koumarelas

Ph.D. candidate student at the Infomation Systems Research Group at Hasso Plattner Institute in IT-Systems Engineering. 

Research Interests

High Interest:

  • Data Cleansing / Data Deduplication / Data Reconsiliation / Record Linkage / Data Matching / ...
  • Address Geocoding
  • Parallel and Distributed Systems
  • Big Data Management

Medium Interest: Machine Learning, Data Mining, Stream Processing, Web Mining, Information Retrieval

Low Interest: Information Theory, Data Science in general, Complexities in all previous and other., Virtualization


Cooperation project with SAP and Concur. Vendors Data Cleansing.

Master Thesis - Topics

If there is an intersection of your research interests with mine, then please contact me. You can find examples of master theses that I am willing to supervise here, or our official web page of list of theses.

Contact Information

Prof.-Dr.-Helmert-Straße 2-3
D-14482 Potsdam
Room: G-3.1.14

Phone: +49 331 5509 1377
Email:  Ioannis Koumarelas (click)