Prof. Dr. Felix Naumann

In this web page you can find some of my ideas for Master theses. If you have something else in mind, which is interesting, I am open to suggestions.

Duplicate Detection on GPUs

Experimental study of similarity measures on CPUs and GPUs


Duplicate Detection is a crucial part of data cleansing, as duplicate entries cause a number of issues in data analytics and business operations. The pipeline above, is a typical process flow used to tackle this issue. The 2nd and 3rd steps require record pair comparisons, which use similarity measures, such as Levenshtein and Jaro-Winkler. In this thesis we will implement or imitate such measures, in the GPU environment, and systematically evaluate the advantages of migrating from CPU to the graphical equivalent. 

A record could be represented as a vector of string or numerical values, as you can see in the examples of the tables below. Numerical values are more suitable for GPUs, since GPU vector comparisons are very fast, and orders of magnitude faster than in CPU. Therefore we want to examine the benefits of using such vectors, with manually crafted features, in comparison with the similarity measures.


Natural Language Processing for Patent Retrieval

In collaboration with Julian Risch

You can find the thesis specification in Julian's master theses web page.