Prof. Dr. Felix Naumann


Project Members: Felix Naumann, Melanie Weis, Christoph Böhm

Web site: www.hpi.uni-potsdam.de/~naumann/projekte/completed_projects/xquerygen.html


Whenever there is a need to query XML data one either needs a text search tool or uses the recently established XQuery language that should retrieve results in a more efficient way ...
The XQuery Generator is a tool written in Java that enables the user to create XQueries based on a given XML Schema by defining selections and projections using a graphical user interface. Currently, the tool only support projection and selection operations. Extensions to include other aspects of XQuery, such as restructuring, ordering, aggregation and grouping, etc., are planned.

The XQuery Generator is implemented by Christoph Böhm in the context of research assistance. The interface is already in use in our HumMer tool, where it is used to specify object descriptions for duplicate detection.


  1. Main Features
  2. Documentation
  3. Related Work
  4. Download


1. Main Features

  • XML Schema parsing / XML Schema extraction
  • XQuery definition by using a graphical user interface
  • Executing the generated XQuery


[PENDING: Update this snapshot.]


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2. Documentation

  • TODOs
  • The sematics of a graphical XQuery
  • Our javadoc
  • XQuery object UML model
  • Select Project Tree (SPTree) Examples [1]  [2]   [3]  [4]  [5]   [6]  [7]  [8]  [9] 
  • XMLSchemaTreeToSPTree-Algorithm==> example rules
  • XMLSchemaTreeToSPTree-Algorithm==> UML diagram 
  • Presentation at the first HumMer workshop
  • Presentation in the research seminar January 17 2005 (*.pdf 2.2 MB)   (*.zip 1.5 MB)  



3. Related Work

  • Advanced XML Editor
  • Java Community Process: Java Specification Request
  • JXQuery
  • W3C XQuery products / implementations
  • fatdog
  • XQEngine
  • Qexo
  • XQuery by Example
  • XQuark



4. Download (internal use only)


You can choose between:

  • the complete distributioncontaining the JAR file, the required qizXOpen XQuery engine and the XSOM jar plus relaxng datatypes (sample data and a quick start manual is included)
  • the JAR file only. In this case you need to download the qizXOpen XQuery engine and the XSOM jar plus relaxng datatypes libraries as well and add it to your classpath.

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