Prof. Dr. Felix Naumann

Project Description

Today's business communication is almost unimaginable without emails. They document discussions and decisions or summarise face-to-face meetings in the form of unstructured text or attachments and thus hold a significant amount of information about a business. In very exceptional cases, for example when investigating a known case of fraud, specialists examine inboxes and attached files of involved personnel to determine the extent of the situation. However, the sheer quantity of documents is unmanageable without some guidance by an exploration tool, as journalists working with the Panama Papers leak experienced.

In this project, we develop and evaluate information extraction and linking methods to combine and in an exploration tool. This work touches the fields of text mining, text summarisation, document classification, topic modelling, named entity extraction, entity linking, relationship extraction, as well as social network-, and graph analysis. We work together with our industry partner from the financial sector to put our prototypes in the hands of auditors for real world feedback.


Project-Related Publications

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