Prof. Dr. Felix Naumann


The information systems group invites interested colleagues and students to a regular lunch accompanied by an informal talk. Usually, there shall be no slides but demos are welcome.

Where: A.1 communication area

When: During regular course weeks (Vorlesungszeit) at 12:30 am.

Topics (in reverse chronological order)

  • 21.7.2009: Demo of LOD profiling tool (seminar)
  • 14.7.2009: Eyk Kny: A primer on Googles GWT
  • 7.7.2009: Christoph Böhm: Profiling heterogeneous data - a classification
  • 30.6.2009: Stefan Richter: An overview of our server landscape
  • 23.6.2009: Frank Kaufer: Report from the real world on data profiling
  • 16.6.2009: Jens Bleiholder: FuSem demo
  • 9.6.2009: Ziawasch Abedjan: User tests with SPRINT
  • 2.6.2009: IBM guests: Udo Herz and Thomas Schwarz on MDM
  • 26.5.2009: Christoph Böhm and Alexander Albrecht: Setting up a Hadoop architecture
  • 19.5.2009: Jens Bleiholder: Data Fusion @ Schufa
  • 12.5.2009: Mohammed AbuJarour: PoSR - Joint work on Services (demo)
  • 5.5.2009: Status reports from Bachelorproject: Ralf Gehrer, Fabian Lindenberg, Edgar Näther, Markus Steiner
  • 28.4.2009: Status reports from Bachelorproject: Felix Elliger, Benjamin Emde, Stefanie Reinicke, Eyk Kny
  • 21.4.2009: Felix Naumann - Cleaning Linked Open Data - a trip report from my sabbatical at IBM Almaden

Open topics

  • Jana Bauckmann: Aladin overview and demo