Prof. Dr. Felix Naumann


Congratulations Ioannis Koumarelas!

Ioannis Koumarelas had successfully defended his Ph.D. dissertation on November 20th, 2020 at the HPI! His work focuses on the topic "Data Preparation and Domain-agnostic Duplicate Detection".

Short Abstract of his work:

Successfully completing any data science project demands careful consideration across its whole process. Although the focus is often put on later phases of the process, in practice, experts spend more time in earlier phases, preparing data, to make them consistent with the systems’ requirements or to improve their models’ accuracies. Duplicate detection is typically applied during the data cleaning phase, which is dedicated to removing data inconsistencies and improving the overall quality and usability of data. While data cleaning involves a plethora of approaches to perform specific operations, such as schema alignment and data normalization, the task of detecting and removing duplicate records is particularly challenging. Duplicates arise when multiple records representing the same entities exist in a database. Due to numerous reasons, spanning from simple typographical errors to different schemas and formats of integrated databases. Keeping a database free of duplicates is crucial for most use-cases, as their existence causes false negatives and false positives when matching queries against it. These two data quality issues have negative implications for tasks, such as hotel booking, where users may erroneously select a wrong hotel, or parcel delivery, where a parcel can get delivered to the wrong address. Identifying the variety of possible data issues to eliminate duplicates demands sophisticated approaches.