Nord/LB goes Design Thinking

As one of the Design Thinking pioneers in the financial services category, the German market leader in private, commercial and corporate customers business is starting a comprehensive, cross-departmental Design Thinking roll-out. “This is a natural consequence of our core purpose in the Human Resources department”, says Mike Galicija, Director of the HR Competence Center at NORD/LB.

“It started with project-partnerships at the HPI D-School: student-teams have been working on selected strategic topics and in the Human Resources Department we immediately spotted the positive impact that Design Thinking could have for us. So we decided to create facts and attended the Professional Track, where 10 of our HR-leaders went through 3 months of training and practicing Design Thinking with specific NORD/LB HR challenges. These colleagues are now building the core team of a Corporate Design Thinking Academy that will take place this spring and summer in our headquarters in Hannover. The overall goal and idea is to grow the cooperation amongst our departments, develop our perspective on opportunities and to establish human needs as inspiration source of all our activities.”

The 40 attendees of the corporate Pop-Up Design Thinking Academy will represent the horizontal and vertical diversity inside the NORD/LB bank. Anja Marzuillo, Head of Group Organizational Effectiveness & Human Resources at NORD/LB says: “We know two things for sure: 1. to further succeed and evolve in the complex environment of the financial industry we have to unleash our whole potential of intelligence and learning capacity. 2.: our attractiveness as an employer is closely linked to a lively culture focusing human values and innovation. We think that Design Thinking provides us with the right strategic tools to achieve these goals.” 

We will keep you posted about this new Design Thinking pioneer case. For any information about the Design Thinking implementation program PROFESSIONAL TRACK, feel free to contact info(at)hpi-academy.de and take a look at the HPI Academy website.