Prof. Dr. Felix Naumann

Emerging Web Services Technology

Welcome to our Master Seminar on Emerging Web Services Technology


  • [11.12.2009] Schedule updated!
  • [12.11.2009] All upcoming sessions will start at 9:45!
  • [03.11.2009] Complete schedule is online
  • [21.10.2009] List of topics is available (Materialien) while Google offers an incomplete preview of the Semantic Web Service book
  • [19.10.2009] Seminar's website is online


Service-Oriented Architecture has been popular and successful in both open and business environments. Because SOA is achieved via means of “Web Services”,  this seminar will discuss several emerging technologies in the field of ‘Web Services’. The topics of the seminar are divided into five categories: Service Discovery and Selection, Service Management, Service Composition, Quality Of Service, Web Service Applications, and Semantic Web Services Tools and Use-Cases.



  • This seminar (2 SWS) is organized by: Felix Naumann, Mohammed AbuJarour, and Tobias Vogel
  • Regular meetings will be held weekly on Thursday 9:45-10:45
  • Location: HPI A-2.2
  • The first organizational meeting will be held on Thursday 22.10.2009.
  • To register in this seminar, please, send a brief email with your three favorite topics to (mohammed(dot)abujarour(at)hpi(dot)uni-potsdam.de) before 26.10.2009.
  • In order to be an active participant in the seminar, we recommend a sufficient background in XML and Databases, Algorithms, Networks, Programming Paradigms and n-tier architecture.
  • Papers and references will be available online or in the library.
  • Maximum number of participants: 20.


  • You are expected to show up in all sessions. If you are not able to attend, please let us know per email beforehand.
  • Give a talk in English about your topic. You have 30 minutes to explain the topic to your fellow students, who will invest the next 10 minutes to discuss and comment on the topic and the talk.
  • You are expected to participate actively in all talks. Discussion and challenging questions are highly encouraged.
  • Submit a report of 8-10 pages on your assigned topic. The report is due 3 weeks after the talk. The report should discuss (not summarize) the assigned work/material, showing its strengths and weaknesses, your suggestions and comments, etc. [LaTex template]
  • Your final grade is affected by your talk, your understanding of the topic (answering the challenging questions!), your report, your participation in the discussion and asking questions and your attendance.


Thursday 9:45-10:45 in HPI-A-2.2

  • 22.10.2009: Organizational Session
    • Speaker: Mohammed AbuJarour and Tobias Vogel
    • Slides: PDF
  • 29.10.2009 -- No Session
  • 05.11.2009 -- No Session
  • 12.11.2009: Introduction to Web Services
    • Speaker: Mohammed AbuJarour and Tobias Vogel
    • Slides: PDF
  • 19.11.2009 -- No Session
  • 26.11.2009: BPEL-Mora: Lightweight Embeddable Extensible BPEL Engine
    • Speaker:Daniel Eichler
    • Supervisor:Mohammed AbuJarour
    • Slides: PDF
  • 03.12.2009: Enabling business experts to discover web services for business process automation
    • Speaker: Jan-Felix Schwarz
    • Supervisor:Mohammed AbuJarour
    • Slides: PDF
  • 10.12.2009: Service selection by choreography-driven matching
    • Speaker: Christoph Thiele
    • Supervisor: Tobias Vogel
    • Slides: PDF
  • 17.12.2009: Composite web services
    • Speaker: Martin Lorenz
    • Supervisor:Tobias Vogel
    • Slides: PDF
  • Christmas vacation
  • 7.1.2010: Model Driven Design of Web Service Operations using Web Engineering Practices
    • Speaker: Edgar Naether
    • Supervisor:Tobias Vogel
    • Slides: PDF
  • 14.1.2010: Model-Driven Performance Evaluation for Service Engineering
    • Speaker:David Jaeger
    • Supervisor: Mohammed AbuJarour
    • Slides: PDF
  • 21.1.2010: Reputation Propagation in Composite Services
    • Speaker: Fabian Lindenberg
    • Supervisor: Mohammed AbuJarour
    • Slides: PDF
  • 28.1.2010: Tools for Semantic Web Services
    • Speaker: Henrik Steudel
    • Supervisor:Tobias Vogel
    • Slides: PDF