Prof. Dr. Felix Naumann


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Friday, November 6

All day: German Information Quality Management Conference (GIQMC)

Saturday, November 7

 Lecture Hall 2Lecture Hall 3
 9:30-13:00GIQMC Sessions
14:00-15:00Keynote Jeff Jonas "Macro Trends in Data and Sensemaking" (HS 1)
15:00-15:30Coffee break
15:30-17:00 Parallel Sessions
Session 1 "Master Data Management"
Chair:Andy Koronios, University of Southern Australia

Session 2 "Modeling & Metadata"
Chair:Ahmed Elmagarmid, Purdue University

Master Data Management: Products and ResearchFlexible and Generic Data Quality Metadata Exchange
Information Management along the life cycle of data and application systems - challenges and solution approachesExtending BPMN to Support the Modeling of Data Quality Issues
Master Data Management Processes - A Petri-Net based solution that supports organizations with global and local MDM quality requirementsData Quality through Conceptual Model Quality - Reconciling  Researchers and Practitioners through a Customizable Quality Model
17:00-17:15Short break
17:15-18:45 Parallel Sessions
Session 3 "Techniques for Improving IQ"
Chair: Marcus Gebauer, DGIQ
Session 4 "IQ Metrics & Assessment"
Chair: Elizabeth Pierce, University of Arkansas at Little Rock
How to Screen a Data Stream - Quality-Driven Load Shedding in Sensor Data StreamsIdentification of Business Oriented Data Quality Metrics
SOG: A Synthetic Occupancy Generator to Support Entity Resolution  Instruction and ResearchA Framework for Economic-driven Assessment of Data Quality Decisions
Computing Uncertain Key Indicators from Uncertain DataA SOA-based Data Quality Assessment Framework in a Medical Science Center
18:45-19:15Transfer to Exploratorium
19:15-22:00Conference Banquet (GIQMC & ICIQ)
Dinner Speech Richard Wang "Challenges in Advancing Information Quality"

Sunday, November 8

 Lecture Hall 2Lecture Hall 3
9:00-9:30Award Ceremony (HS 1)

Keynote Niels Weigel "Lean and Agile Enterprise Information Management" (slides, HS 1)

10:30-11:00Coffee break

Parallel Sessions
Session 5 "Poster Flash"
Chair: John Talburt, University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Session 6 "Case Studies"
Chair: Boris Otto, University of St. Gallen
Is DQ/IQ the Quality of Information? Two ViewsInformation Quality Issues in the Mortgage Banking Industry
A Meta-model for Data Quality Management SimulationThe Quality of Monitoring Data in Civil Engineering Works
Schema Based DeduplicationData Quality Evaluation in an E-Business Environment: A Survey
A Multi-Dimensional Model for Assessing the Quality of Answers in Social Q&A SitesMultidimensional Management and Analysis of Quality Measures for CRM Applications at EDF

Multi-Source Object Identification With Constraints
ExplainIE - Explaining Information Extraction Systems
14:00-15:30Parallel Sessions
Session 7 "IQ in Web 2.0"
Chair: Rolf Wigand, University of Arkansas at Little Rock

An Empirical Study on Criteria for Assessing Information Quality in Corporate Wikis
(best paper)
Towards Assessing Information Quality in Knowledge Management in the Enterprise 2.0
Web-based Affiliation Matching
15:30-15:45Closing remarks