Prof. Dr. Felix Naumann

Accepted papers

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Full papers

Session: Master Data Management

  • Master Data Management: Products and Research
    Jochen Kokemüller (Fraunhofer-Institut für Arbeitswirtschaft und Organisation (IAO)),
    Anette Weisbecker (Fraunhofer-Institut für Arbeitswirtschaft und Organisation (IAO))
  • Information Management along the life cycle of data and application systems - challenges and solution approaches
    Georg Fischer (SAP AG),
    Axel Herbst (SAP AG)

Session: Modeling and Metadata

  • Flexible and Generic Data Quality Metadata Exchange
    David Becker (The MITRE Corporation),
    John Jaster (Digital Prospectors Corporation),
    Jereme Kuperman (Illumination Works)
  • Extending BPMN to Support the Modeling of Data Quality Issues
    Noelia Sánchez-Serrano,
    Ismael Caballero,
    Felix Garcia
  • Data Quality through Conceptual Model Quality - Reconciling Researchers and Practitioners through a Customizable Quality Model
    Kashif Mehmood (ESSEC Business School, CEDRIC-CNAM),
    Samira Si-Said Cherfi (CEDRIC-CNAM),
    Isabelle Comyn-Wattiau (CEDRIC-CNAM, ESSEC Business School)

Session: Techniques for Improving IQ

  • How to Screen a Data Stream - Quality-Driven Load Shedding in Sensor Data Streams
    Anja Klein (SAP Research Center Dresden),
    Gregor Hackenbroich (SAP Research Center Dresden),
    Wolfgang Lehner (Database Technology Group, University of Technology, Dresden)
  • SOG: A Synthetic Occupancy Generator to Support Entity Resolution Instruction and Research
    John Talburt (University of Arkansas at Little Rock),
    Yinle Zhou (University of Arkansas at Little Rock),
    Savitha Shivaiah (University of Arkansas at Little Rock)
  • Computing Uncertain Key Indicators from Uncertain Data
    Carlos Rodríguez (University of Trento),
    Florian Daniel (University of Trento),
    Fabio Casati (Unioversity of Trento),
    Cinzia Cappiello (Politecnico di Milano)

Session: IQ Metrics and Assessment

  • Identification of Business Oriented Data Quality Metrics
    Boris Otto (University of St. Gallen),
    Kai Hüner (University of St. Gallen),
    Hubert Österle (University of St. Gallen)
  • A Framework for Economic-driven Assessment of Data Quality Decisions
    Adir Even (Ben-Gurion University of the Negev)
    Marcus Kaiser (University of Augsburg)
  • A SOA-based Data Quality Assessment Framework in a Medical Science Center
    Yao Zhou (Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin),
    Malte Cornils (Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin),
    Claudia Hahn (Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin),
    Sabine Hanß (Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin),
    Sonja Niepage (Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin),
    Thomas Schrader (Fachbereich Informatik und Medien, Fachhochschule Brandenburg)

Session: Case Studies

  • Information Quality Issues in the Mortgage Banking Industry
    Rolf Wigand (Department of Information Science, University of Arkansas at Little Rock),
    Jerry Wood (Department of Information Science, University of Arkansas at Little Rock),
    Yusuf Yiliyasi (Department of Information Science, University of Arkansas at Little Rock)
  • The Quality of Monitoring Data in Civil Engineering Works
    Ana Lucas (Laboratório Nacional de Engenharia Civil),
    António Palma-dos-Reis (Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestão, Portugal),
    Mário Caldeira (Instituto Superior de Econiomia e Gestão, Portugal)
  • Data Quality Evaluation in an E-Business Environment: A Survey
    Soumaya Ben hassine-Guetari (ERIC Laboratory, Lyon University)
  • Multidimensional Management and Analysis of Quality Measures for CRM Applications at EDF
    Verónika Peralta (LI, Université François Rabelais Tours, PRISM, Université de Versailles),
    Virginie Thion-Goasdoué (LAMSADE, Université de Paris Dauphine),
    Zoubida Kedad (PRISM, Université de Versailles),
    Laure Berti-Equille (IRISA, Université de Rennes 1),
    Isabelle Comyn-Wattiau (CNAM-CEDRIC, Paris),
    Sylvaine Nugier (EDF R&D)
    Samira Si-said-Cherfi (CNAM-CEDRIC, Paris)

Session: IQ in Web 2.0

  • An Empirical Study on Criteria for Assessing Information Quality in Corporate Wikis
    Stuart Elliot Madnick IQ Best Paper Award
    Therese Friberg (University of Paderborn, Institute for Mechatronics and Design Engineering),
    Wolfgang Reinhardt (University of Paderborn, Department of Computer Science)
  • Towards Assessing Information Quality in Knowledge Management in the Enterprise 2.0
    Sven Ahlheid (Siemens AG),
    Therese Friberg (University of Paderborn),
    Gernot Gräfe (Siemens AG),
    Alexander Krebs (Siemens AG),
    Jan-Philipp Müller (Siemens AG),
    Dirk Schuster (Siemens AG)
  • Web-based Affiliation Matching
    David Aumüller (University of Leipzig)
    Erhard Rahm (University of Leipzig)

Poster papers

  • Is DQ/IQ the Quality of Information? Two Views
    Zbigniew Gackowski (California State University Stanislaus)
  • A Meta-model for Data Quality Management Simulation
    Boris Otto (University of St. Gallen),
    Kai Hüner (University of St. Gallen)
  • Schema Based Deduplication
    Pei Li (University of Milan, Bicocca),
    Andrea Maurino (University of Milan, Bicocca)
  • A Multi-Dimensional Model for Assessing the Quality of Answers in Social Q&A Sites
    Zhemin Zhu (Ubiquitous Knowledge Processing (UKP) Lab, TU Darmstadt),
    Delphine Bernhard (Ubiquitous Knowledge Processing (UKP) Lab, TU Darmstadt),
    Iryna Gurevych (Ubiquitous Knowledge Processing (UKP) Lab, TU Darmstadt)
  • Multi-Source Object Identification With Constraints
    Matteo Di Gioia (Università Sapienza),
    Domenico Beneventano (Università Sapienza),
    Monica Scannapieco (Università Sapienza)
  • ExplainIE - Explaining Information Extraction Systems
    Wojciech Barczynski (SAP Research CEC Dresden),
    Falk Brauer (SAP Research CEC Dresden),
    Adrain Mocan (SAP Research CEC Dresden)