The Team

... of the chair "Internet-Technologies and Systems" of Prof. Dr. Christoph Meinel consists of highly motivated and intellectually gifted researchers, co-workers and students.

Some Photos

  • Photos of Retreat "Designing Digital Worlds" (Chair Alumni Meeting 2014)
  • Photos from Dagstuhl-Meeting "Informatik - Quo Vadis?" (Chair Alumni Meeting 2004)
  • Other Photos

The Chair:Prof. Dr. Christoph Meinel with his team (State: 02.2016) from left to right: Marian Gawron, Konrad-Felix Krentz, Nuhad Shaabani, Magnus Knuth, Patrick Hennig, Christian Tietz, Kennedy Torkura, Dr. Feng Cheng, Dr. Haojin Yang, Catrina Grella, Jan Renz, Stefanie Schweiger, Xiaoyin Che, Christian Willems, Mina Rezaei, Dr. Linda Briesemeister, Matthias Wiesner, Dr. Harald Sack, Martin Malchow, Jörg Waitelonis, Matthias Bauer, Prof. Dr. Christoph Meinel, Johannes Sianipar, Thomas Unterholzer, Dr. Anne Kayem, Aragats Amirkhanyan, David Jäger, Anja Perlich, Matthias Wenzel, Rowshan Sathi, Martin Ussath, Henning Akt-Rickauer, Harry Freitas da Cruz, Dr. Jacqueline Kundt, Reddy Dinesh, Adeleye Falohun, Dr. Mohammed Ghasemzadeh, Hendrik Graupner, Cheng Wang, Andrej Sapegin, Oladeji Akomolafe, Christian Hentschel, Tabea Titz, Holger Rhinow

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