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Our range of books are being complemented by a number of high-grade publications: 

  • Intrusion detection in the cloud
    S Roschke, F Cheng, C Meinel
    2009 eighth IEEE international conference on dependable, autonomic and secure computing, 729-734.

    Intrusion detection systems (IDS) have been used widely to detect malicious behaviors in network communication and hosts. IDS management is an important capability for distributed IDS solutions, which makes it possible to integrate and handle different types of sensors or collect and synthesize alerts generated from multiple hosts located in the distributed environment.
  • openHPI. Das MOOC-Angebot des Hasso-Plattner-Instituts
    Christoph Meinel, Christian Willems
    Technical Report No. 79, Hasso-Plattner-Institut (2013)

    The paper reports on start and first experiences of our engagement in the new field of massive open online courses (MOOCs). On the MOOC platform openHPI, which we have developed, we started already in the "year of MOOCs" 2012 to offer MOOCs about IT Systems Engineering which are attended by several ten thousends of learner.
  • Infrastructure as a service security: Challenges and solutions
    W Dawoud, I Takouna, C Meinel
    2010 the 7th International Conference on Informatics and Systems (INFOS), 1-8.

    Cloud Computing represents a new computing model that poses many demanding security issues at all levels, e.g., network, host, application, and data levels. The variety of the delivery models presents different security challenges depending on the model and consumers' Quality of Service (QoS) requirements.
  • Web search personalization via social bookmarking and tagging
    MG Noll, C Meinel
    The semantic web, Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg (2007), 367-380.

    In this paper, we present a new approach to web search personalization based on user collaboration and sharing of information about web documents. The proposed personalization technique separates data collection and user profiling from the information system whose contents and indexed documents are being searched for, i.e. the search engines, and uses social bookmarking and tagging to re-rank web search results.
  • Automatic lecture video indexing using video OCR technology
    H Yang, M Siebert, P Luhne, H Sack, C Meinel
    2011 IEEE International Symposium on Multimedia, 111-116.

    During the last years, digital lecture libraries and lecture video portals have become more and more popular. However, finding efficient methods for indexing multimedia still remains a challenging task. Since the text displayed in a lecture video is closely related to the lecture content, it provides a valuable source for indexing and retrieving lecture contents. In this paper, we present an approach for automatic lecture video indexing based on video OCR technology.
  • Transforming constructivist learning into action: Design thinking in education
    A Scheer, C Noweski, C Meinel
    Design and Technology Education: An International Journal 17 (3)

    Introduction The mandate of schools is to unfold the personality of every student and to build a strong character with a sense of responsibility for democracy and community. This implies developing skills of reflection, interpretation of different information and other complex metacompetences. Science, business and social organisations alike describe a strong need for a set of skills and competences, often referred to as 21st century skills (eg Pink 2006, Wagner 2010, Gardner 2007) or key competences (OECD).
  • Deep semantic mapping for cross-modal retrieval
    C Wang, H Yang, C Meinel
    2015 IEEE 27th International conference on tools with artificial intelligence (ICTAI), 234-241.

    Cross-Modal mapping plays an essential role in multimedia information retrieval systems. However, most of existing work paid much attention on learning mapping functions but neglected the exploration of high-level semantic representation of modalities. Inspired by recent success of deep learning, in this paper, deep CNN (convolutional neural networks) features and topic features are utilized as visual and textual semantic representation respectively.
  • Design thinking: A fruitful concept for it development?
    T Lindberg, C Meinel, R Wagner
    Design thinking, Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, 2011, 3-18.

    In our research project Collaborative Creativity of Development Processes in the IT Industry, we pursue the question how design thinking can help to enhance the innovativeness in IT development and which individual and organizational factors facilitate or encourage this. In this chapter, we outline what the contribution of design thinking to engineering thinking can be, how it is related to akin IT development approaches (e.g. agile development), and what our initial insights on the didactic and organizational implications are.
  • Linear sifting of decision diagrams and its application in synthesis
    C Meinel, F Somenzi, T Theobald
    Computer-Aided Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems, IEEE Transactions, 2000, 521-533.

    We propose a new algorithm, called linear sifting, for the optimization of decision diagrams that combines the efficiency of sifting and the power of linear transformations. The new algorithm is applicable to large examples, and in many cases leads to substantially more compact diagrams when compared to simple variable reordering. We also show in what sense linear transformations complement variable reordering and how the technique can be applied to verification issues.
  • Energy efficient scheduling of HPC-jobs on virtualize clusters using host and VM dynamic configuration
    I Takouna, W Dawoud, C Meinel
    ACM SIGOPS Operating Systems Review 46 (2), 2012, 19-27.

    Energy efficient resource management has become a significant concern in virtualized data centers to reduce operational costs and extend systems' lifetime. The opportunity of reducing energy can be achieved by using Dynamic Voltage Frequency Scaling (DVFS) and hosts consolidation.However, energy management of emerging High Performance Computing (HPC) clouds that host CPU-intensive jobs is more challenging.

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