Labs & Systems

In the research work of the team of Prof. Dr. Christoph Meinel in the area of Internet technologies and innovation research many new ideas are born for innovative applications in the future Internet. We implement these ideas and explore there practial usage. Some of the resulting prototyps have gained practical importance as innovations in business and society.

A Selection of our Innovations:

  • openHPI - an since 2012 self developed Internet platform for open interactive online courses (MOOCs). This platform is used also by partners like SAP, WHO, KI-campus, ... . Today (Feb. 2020) there are about 5 million learners enrolled.
  • tele-TASK Lecture Recording System - our mobile system for recording and broadcasting lectures and pesentations.There are more than 12.000 recorderd university lectures and openHPI clips which can be gratis reached via the tele-TASK Portal  or via HPI@iTunesU
  • HPI Schul-Cloud - a digital learning environment which allows pubils and teachers to use digital contents and learning software in class room efficiently and conform to the European data protection law. The HPI Schul-Cloud is already installed in about 300 German schools (Feb. 2020).
  • Lock-Keeper - an Internet system for high security that provides 100% protection against online attacks which is lizensed by Siemens/Altos.
  • Tele-Board - a Web-based system that enables creative cooperation of designer and developer teams across distances.
  • SAL - Security Analytics Lab - a plattform for real-time detection and recon of network security attacks.
  • Tele-Lab IT-Security - is a virtual lab that provides a really advanced interactive eLearning experience in IT-security.
  • WinSEND - an implementation of the IPv6 security protocoll SEND for the Windows family.

More results of our scientific and teaching work can be accessed via the following Internet platforms and blogs:

  • IPv6-Council - website of the German IPv6 Council
  • Internet Bridge Germany-China - a remarkable 10 years lasting tele-teaching project with Technical University of Beijing
  • Internetworking-Blog - a blog about Internet Technology connected to our book "Internetworking"
  • openHPI  Blog - a blog that discussed issues around MOOCs and our  openHPI
  • IT-Gipfelblog - a bloggers communication platform to discuss strengths and weaknesses of the IT-nation Germany
  • eccc and ecdtr - scientific electronic colloquia on complexity theory and on design thinking reserach, respectively, powered by the chair.
  • BlogIntelligence - our search machine to explore the blogosphere.

Deliveries are also our Books and Publications ...

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