Enabling efficient collaboration in digital design spaces across time and distance

The Tele-Board system is designed for synchronous and asynchronous team work. To give the essential feeling of really working together, Tele-Board proposes a full screen video behind a synchronized translucent whiteboard surface. To understand the remote team's work, a history browser allows users to easily view past design activities and obtain data for further statistical analyses.

What does the Tele-Board do?

The Tele-Board system is an electronic whiteboard software suite which allows users to write digital sticky notes on tablet PCs, smartphones or directly on a whiteboard. One can move the created sticky notes, cluster them and write or draw on the whiteboard. This digital implementation also includes additional features - previously unrealizable by physical tools - such as resizing sticky notes or changing their color. All of the mentioned actions are synchronized automatically and propagated to every connected whiteboard client. To facilitate a real interactive session, we included a video conference feature for distributed team members. The translucent whiteboard can be displayed as an overlay on top of the full screen video of the other team members. This setup allows seeing what the others are doing, where they are pointing and what gestures and facial expressions they are doing.

Once one is logged in, one can create projects and so called whiteboard panels on different topics. The history browser inside the portal allows to go back and forth in the timeline of a whiteboard panel and you may also see various statistical analyses of your team's work. 

The Tele-Board as a product: The neXboard

The Tele-Board is further advanced and brought to the market as a product by the HPI-Start-up “NeXenio” as the “neXboard”. The company offers various services around the neXboard for collaboration between teams in different institutions and firms.

neXenio GmbH
Charlottenstraße 59
10117 Berlin





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