To assure and improve the quality of the treamtent of cancer patients, clinical cancer registries are used in hospitals and other participating institutions. Those systems document the progress of the treatment from the first diagnosis until the end of treatment. For cancer this can last several years. In Germany there is a draft for a law to be voted on, which shall enable the establishment of clinical cancer registries in whole Germany. In this case the usage of such systems is mandantory.

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There already exists several documentation systems for cancer patients. On of those is the Gießener Tumordokumentationssystem (GTDS). This system is developed and maintained by Udo Altmann since 1991. It is used in over 40 institutions in Germany. Besides the documentation of the procedures, the GTDS offers more functionalitites, like statistical analysis, interfaces to HL7 and more. The original system is a desktop application based on a client-server architecture. Since it is implemented with an old proprietary technology, which is no longer supported, maintainance and extensibility is nearly impossible.


Currently we reimplement the old system using new Java-Web-Technologies. This way the documentation of cancer shall be assured for the future. There are the following activities:

  • Analyse the current old system
  • Extract existing workflows and services
  • Design a new architecture
  • Refactoring the data model
  • Impelmentation of new functions and services


  • Prof.Dr. Christoph Meinel
  • Nuhad Shaabani
  • Aaron Kunde
  • Tim Sporleder
  • Antonia Göbel