Learning Tech and Knowledge Engineering

In learning technologies and  knowledge engineering the research team of Prof. Dr. Christoph Meinel focus on the challenging question, how to deal with the mass of digital data, so-called "big data", from Internet and other sources in order to generate and to distribute new knowledge. Research work is concentrated mainly in the following contexts:

The research and development work of in the field of Learning Engineering is directed to create novel virtual learning environments by designing, implementing, and testing innovative Internet-based froms of teaching and learning to support students and learners to acquire new knowledge. Results are incorporated and tested in the self developed MOOC platform openHPI, the Schul-Cloud project, the lecture portal tele-TASK, and the CSCW collaboration tool Tele-Board.


In the field of Machine Learning & Multimedia Analysis we investigate the potentials of deep learning with energy-efficent binary neuronal networks and apply our findings in different applications, in particular to analyze videos.

In the field of innovation reserach we run research projects in the frame of the research programs with Stanford and MIT in Design Thinking resp. in Sustainability in Design and apply and continue to develop user centric application with the design thinking method.

Our former Research and development in Semantic Web and Social Media was focusing on designing, implementing, and testing new methods and techniques for acquiring content information and knowledge from the mass of data available in Internet and WWW with the focused on how to automatically detect content and semantic inside of vidoes in order to support users in searching and navigating inside of videos. Results of that research were incorporated in the huge video archive of tele-TASK recordings of university lectures. Our E-Health research was concentrated on how patient and health treatment date can be safely stored, and securely communicated, processed, and analyzed. 

Our Blogs

  • HPI-Digitalblog - a bloggers communication platform to discuss strengths and weaknesses of the IT-nation Germany

Third Party Research and Consulting Projects

Prof. Dr. Christoph Meinel and his team realized and realize various reserach and consulting projects for ministries, public sector, and companies on a contract basis. We are active in the areas 

  • Internet- and Web-Technologies and
  • Innovation Research. 

Here are some of our clients of the public sector 

  • OECD, BMWi, BMI, BMBF, BSI, Police Brandenburg, Charité Berlin, Tumor Center Brandenburg,  ...

Here are some of our clients in economy: 

  • SAP SE, Siemens AG, Alliance AG, GASAG, BearingPoint, DCAII, SES Astra, Bundesdruckerei, ... 

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