What is a MOOC?

MOOCs - massive open online courses - provide a very recent format of online learning, that combine video lectures, interactive self-tests, homeworks with a social learning forum. Traditional open online learning offerings from universities consist in collections of resources that self-paced learners download and access individually. In contrast, a MOOC is a learning event that takes place for the duration of several weeks, where each week deals with a specific topic and learners collaboratively work through the material, test their knowledge, create new knowledge through their discussions and are granted a certificate upon successful completion.

Accompanying scientific research


openHPI is a platform for delivering MOOCs. It was design by the team of Prof. Dr. Christoph Meinel on the basis of CANVAS and presents

  • lectures recorded with the tele-TASK system and delivered through the tele-TASK video player,
  • self-tests, homework and exams that are automatically evaluted 
  • tools for tracking the learning progress of the users, and
  • forums and virtual learning groups.

openHPI offers introductory courses on fundamental aspects of information technology as well as advanced courses on current innovations in computer science research in German and English.

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