Novel Technologies for Learning Engineering

The research work of the team of Prof. Dr. Christoph Meinel in this field aims to make the vision of a Web-University reality. It is focused on the design and implementation of user centric learning environments, like Schul-Cloud, openHPI or the tele-TASK portal, by

  • studying and explorating Internet- and IT-technologies to establish novel virtual learning environments e.g. for massive open online courses, (so-called MOOCs), and to enhance university teaching at openHPI,
  • implementing the "Schul-Cloud", a modern learning and teaching environment using cloud architectures in the school sector,
  • continuously developing and improving powerful tools for producing knowledge content like the mobile tele-TASK-system for recording and broadcasting lecture videos,
  • designing and implementating lecture browsers like the tele-TASK Lecture Browser, which assist learners in screeing, searching, navigating, visualizing, and personalizing knowledge content like lecture videos.

The team of the chair

  • explores semantic web technologies for automatic generation of metadata for lecture recordings,
  • designs strategies for automatic indexation of (tele-TASK) lecture videos based on speech recognition,
  • enables annotating and scripting of (tele-TASK) lecture videos with private or open annotations,
  • designs and explores virtual lab environments that provide practical learning experiences in the field of IT security,
  • develops tools for mining and analyzing the usage of the huge (tele-TASK) lecture archives, and
  • eveluates the potential of linguistic technologies for natural language interaction with learners.

Ongoing Projects

Designing a Teaching Environment for Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs)

MOOCs provide a very recent format of online learning events, that combine video lectures, interactive self tests, homeworks with a social learning forum. With openHPI, we are developing a platform for the delivery of MOOCs based on a service-oriented architecture that allows flexible integration with content production workflows, learning tools and virtual laboratories, personal learning environments, and social networks. openHPI’s first generation has been successfully launched in September 2012. Ten thousands of learners have participated in its first three courses on



The School Cloud

A modern learning and teaching environment is crucial to make the digital transformation in the education sector a success. Children should be introduced to digital media already in school to prepare them for a increasingly digitized society. For this reason Hasso-Plattner-Insitute launched a project in cooperation with the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and the Network of Excellency of STEM schools (MINT EC) called "School Cloud". HPI developed a cloud infrastructure which will help students, teachers and parents to gain easy access to learning and teaching materials for everybody, everytime and everywhere. This initiates a revolution in in the German education system. [more]


Live and On-Demand Teleteaching with Tele-TASK

The tele-TASK system - Teleteaching Anywhere Solution Kit - realizes a new, drastically simplified entrance technology for online lectures. From his/her home or office, each PC user with a suitable Internet connection can follow online lessons comfortably. tele-TASK simultaneously records both video and audio of the lecturer as well as his/her presentation desktop which is presented to the students in the lecture room through either a smartboard or a video beamer. Various navigation bars allow fast navigation through the recorded lecture. Tele-TASK supports all usual platforms, different net bandwidths, arbitrary presentation programs, and needs no special software installations or configurations at side of the end-users. High access numbers are expression of the perfectly problem-free and easy possibilities of using.

  • - the e-learning online archive is our online archive for high quality e-learning content. The project aims at the creation and mainainance of this archive where we store our tele-TASK recordings of lectures, presentation, conference talks and symposia. The content of the archive is available for free for every web user.
  • tele-TASK Podcasts
    The tele-TASK Podcast Project develops methods to automatically create iPod ready video clips out of tele-TASK lectures. The aim is to provide learners with content containing complete tele-TASK recordings - the presenter's video/audio plus the desktop video - which can be played back on mobile devices independently from internet connection and desktop PC. [more]


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