Knowledge Engineering in Social Media

Social Media provide a giant pool with personal opinions and profiles, blogs, discussion forums, communities and networks which is continuously growing with exponential speed by new posts, blogs, messages, information and opinions. For human users it is completely impossible, to follow and capture this. Even when they aer merely interested to capture specific sectors of the world of social media, without computer-technical support they are lost.  

The team of Prof. Dr. Christoph Meinel investigates social media under the aspect of knowledge management. Research is focused on the challenge to generate new knowledge from the big data that are provided in the Internet by soical media. We investigate how computers can used to efficiently collect, consolidaten, and analyse all these information and data in order to generate new beneficial knowledge. Our research is quickend by the chance to have access to most recent computer systems with many cores and large main memory in the HPI Future SOC LabFuture SOC Lab (service-oriented-computing)

Ongoing Research Projects

  • Blog-Intelligence - a powerful tool for captering, analysing and visualizing content, structure, and social dynamics of the blogoshere, the world of blogs.
  • Collaborative Web - various case studies around the famous IT-Gipfelblog which was established and is powered by the chair to provide a national German discussion platform for issues concerning development and use of information technologies. 
  • Collaborative Tagging and Folksonomies - research about the role of folksomomies and collaborative tagging for web information retreaval.

Former Research Projects

  • Safer Internet

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