Ongoing Master Theses:

  • Jonas Schmitz: Data-driven Detection for C&C
  • Manisha Manaswini: Unravelling the Neural Threads of Creative Flow
  • Kira Grammel: Remote Pair Programming: Collaboratively Solving Exercises in MOOCs
  • Selina Reinhard: Designing and Evaluating Flexible Learning Paths in MOOCs
  • Michael Buessemeyer:  Effects of Instructional Style on Phishing Mail Identification Capabilities (submitted)
  • Open Topics

Finished Master Theses:

  • Furkan Simsek: Expectation-Maximization for Imbalanced Generalized Category Discovery (05.09.2023)
  • Till Nowakowski: Predicting Privilege Necessity to Mitigate Lateral Movement Attacks in an Active Directory (29.08.2023)
  • Vincent Rahn: Behavioral Authentication based on door interaction (01.08.2023)
  • Jonas Krah: Accelerating Monocular Depth Estimation using Binary Neural Networks (25.04.2023)
  • Weixing Wang (TUM): Network Intrusion Detection using pre-trained tabular representation models (2023)
  • Holly McKee: Physiological Footprint of the Flow Mental State during Create Writing Tasks (2023)
  • Kim-Pascal Borchart: Automatic and Domain-Agnostic Creativity Measurements on Digital Human Traces (14.02.2023)
  • Rakibul Islam (UP): Outlier Detection to Enable Privacy Perserving High-Dimensional Data Analysis (29.11.2022)
  • Lukas Ehrmann: Intrusion Detection in Computer Networks based on a Graph Neural Network (29.11.2022)
  • Leonard Marschke: On the feasibility of integrating OpenID Connect into open-source desktop environments (25.10.2022)
  • Marvin Mirtschim: Gaitomator - Building a Groundwork for inertial sensor-based Gait Recognition (06.09.2022)
  • Eric Ziegler: Zero-Shot Token Classification with Question Answering Transformer Models (19.07.2022)
  • Tobias Bredow: Synthesis of annotated medical images using style based generators (19.04.2022)
  • Wenzel Pünter: Towards Mining Actionable Threat Intelligence from Process Behavior Graphs (19.04.2022)
  • Alexander Kromer: Training of Ensembles of Quantized Neural Networks with Shared Weights Using Knowledge Distillation (01.03.2022)
  • Florian Henschel: Automatic Test Creation Assistance for Programming Exercises
  • Emanuel Metzenthin: Weakly Supervised Text Localization using Deep Reinforcement Learning (18.01.2022)
  • Kaja Schmidt (UP): Mitigating Sovereign Data Exchange Challenges: A Conceptual Framework to Apply Privacy- and Trust-Enhancing Technologies (18.01.2022)
  • Jona Otholt: Unsupervised Document Classification for the Analysis of an Art-Historical Archive (16.11.2021)
  • Hendrik Rätz: Handwriting Classification on Archival Documents using Deep Neural Networks (11.01.2021)
  • Raoul Baron: Integration of collaborative real-time software systems into everyday teaching (24.11.2020)
  • Fabian Dumke: On the Concept of Applying 2D Neural Style Transfer on 3D Data (17.11.2020)
  • Theresa Zobel: The Impact of Dialogue-Based Systems for Complex and Scalable E-Learning Environments (16.06.2020)
  • Dominik Brüchner: Benutzerakzeptanz und Onboarding Schul-Cloud
  • Volker Schiewe: Identity Recovery in Decentralised Systems (13.1.2020)
  • Julian Niedermeier: Manifold Learning for the Evaluation of Generative Models (17.12.2019)
  • Max Klenk: Enabling Data-Driven Decisions in Educational Learning Environments (17.12.2019)
  • Tim Friedrich: Distribution of Large Data in Networks with Limited Bandwidth (26.11.2019)
  • Tobias Wollowski: Classroom Optimization of Web Applications (10.09.2019)
  • Adrian Loy: Neural Networks with Adaptive Precision Graphs (10.09.2019)
  • Paul Arndt: Supporting Internal Differentiation and Cooperative Learning with the HPI Schul-Cloud (28.05.2019)
  • Dominic Sauer: Personalized Learning Objectives in MOOCs (30.04.2019)
  • Torben Meyer: Handwriting Detection/Recognition from Art-Historical Documents (26.03.2019)
  • Marvin Bornstein: Evaluation of Quantized Deep Neural Networks (25.03.2019)
  • Balthasar, Martin: Evaluating the Security of Cloud-based Remote Access for the Internet of Things (26.02.2019)
  • Jonas Keutel: Towards Shared Learning Contents - and how to make teachers want to contribute (10.12.2018)
  • Sören Oldag: Utilizing Web Analytics in the Context of Learning Analytics (18.09.2018)
  • Henriette Dinger:  Developing User-oriented Improvements on the HPI MOOC Platforms (18.09.2018)
  • Martin Fritzsche: An Open Source Framework for Binarized and Quantized Neural Networks (22.05.2018)
  • Daniel Werner: Key Revocation and Rekeying for the Adaptive Key Establishment Scheme (08.05.2018)
  • Nicco Kunzmann: Wie können Schüler zur Schul-Cloud beitragen? (08.05.2018)
  • Felix Wolff: Denial-of-Sleep Resilient Opportunistic Routing for 802.15.4 Networks (23.01.2018)
  • Markus Petrykowski: Digital Collaboration with Virtual Reality (09.01.2018)
  • Johannes Jasper Authorship Attribution using Stylometric Fingerprints (09.01.2018)
  • Malte Swart: Automatic Packaging and Updates of Dependencies for Package-based Continuous Integration (24.10.2017) 
  • Jan Graichen: Application Performance Monitoring on Distributed Web Applications (24.10.2017)
  • Max Bothe: From MOOCs to Micro Learning: Optimizing mobile video-based learning (04.07.2017) 
  • Tom Herold: Language Identification Using Deep Convolutional Recurrent Neural Networks (04.07.2017) 
  • Kirstin Heidler: E-Learning and the Sustainability of a Programming Exercise Sharing Platform in the Context of Open Source (14.03.2017)
  • Nils Kenneweg: Updating Encrypted Files on Cross-Cloud Storage (25.10.2016)
  • Tobias Rohloff: Support Contextual Learning Patterns in Scalable E-Learning Environments (25.10.2016)
  • Adrian Klinger: 3D-Prototyping in a browser-based Realtime-Collaboration-System (20.09.2016)
  • Christian Bartz: Scene Text Recognition using Deep Learning (20.09.2016)
  • Hannes Rantzsch: Signature Embedding: A Deep Metric Learning Approach to Writer Independent Off-Line Signature Verification (13.09.2016)
  • Dimitri Korsch: Perspective recification of scene text with the help of analytical and deep learning approaches (30.08.2016)
  • Franz Liedke: Migrating a Service-Oriented MOOC Platform to a Component-Based Web Frontend (08.12.2015)
  • Daniel Hoffmann: Optimizing Learning Outcomes in MOOC Environments (26.10.2015)
  • Previous Finished Master Theses

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