Security Education

In our online courses, for example on OpenHPI, the security team led by Prof. Dr. Christoph Meinel regularly provides new Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) on the topic of IT security. Partly with a different focus, the different courses have in common that they are aimed at "normal people" without much prior technical knowledge, so that no one has to feel excluded here due to a lack of prior knowledge.

Many of our learners successfully complete the courses. A core feature of our online courses are still the forums in which learners and teaching team actively discuss and thus contribute to the exchange of knowledge!


Research on IT-Security Education

While one could simply teach according to old standards, we believe that this - especially for our security area - does not offer much added value. Many renowned researchers have already identified that in today's world, the topic of "Security" is not a subject for a classroom and a theoretical consideration alone. Therefore, since mid-2021, our team has been dedicated to researching new teaching & learning methods for the Security field and incorporating them into our courses.

These new forms include ideas such as podcasts instead of "traditional" instructional videos, in-depth conversations, and more interactive exercises. While we can't provide all of this in every course, we plan to use these methodologies more in future courses. We welcome you to OpenHPI for this as well



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