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Recording System

The key compomemt of tele-TASK is the tele-TASK lecture recording system. It is an advanced mobile system for a drastical simplified production of lecture videos for Internet streaming and podcasts featuring. It makes the dream reality that everyone can attend online courses, presentations, and Internet events live or on-demand from at home or office via a normal Internet connection. For completely capturing lectures and presentations the tele-TASK system records simulataneously and synchronously two videos, one of the lecturer himself and one of the screen of the presenter's desktop. To use the tele-TASK recording system no special expertise is required. The system was developed by Prof. Dr. Christoph Meinel and his team. It has been licensed by Dell AG and Zople Cloud in China, and used in many universities all around the world. tele-TASK also allows providers to make their content available both offline and on-demand in the form of digital media such as CD-ROMs and DVDs. Also the MOOC platform openHPI is using the tele-TASK system.

Features of the tele-TASK Recording System

tele-TASK combines a professional, sophisticated and stable customer solution with simplest appliance, a revolutionary usability and an impressive video and audio quality. These are the features:

  • no training on the customer side, intuitive usage
  • tele-TASK records video, audio and the complete PC desktop of the presenter
  • cut beginning and end of the (simultaneously) recorded videos
  • add chapters (even during the recording process) and edit meta data
  • Podcast function: generate podcasts with video-in-video technology
  • USB and SFTP export
  • Live streaming[1] during the recording process
  • both videos are recorded with 25 FPS, so it is even possible to show videos within the presentation and record them smoothly

[1] streaming server such as Adobe Flash Media Server or Wowza Media Server needed

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