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Quotes (last update on Jul. 23, 2014)

Our chair has a large number of topics opened for the master/Diplom students. Feel free to contact with:

Trust and Security Engineering

Dr. Feng Cheng:

 Andrey Sapegin

Web University

Dipl.-Inf. Christian Willems for Security Awareness:

  • Master theses related to openHPIopenHPI and Tele-Lab
  • Currently running:

    • Hauke Klement: Teaching Programming by Means of Massive Open Online Courses 
    • Dominic Petrick: MOOC Peer Assessment

Dipl.-Inf. Matthias Bauer for e-Learning and Teleteaching

  • tele-TASK Web Portal: A multimedia content management system

Dr. Haojin Yang

Web 3.0

Dr. Harald Sack for Semantic Web Technologies:

Philipp Berger, MSc. and Patrick Hennig, MSc. for Social and Collaborative Web and Analysis:

  • IT-Gipfel-Blog
  • Blog-Intelligence
    • Ontology-based Blog Search
    • Behavioral Profiles for Blog Archives (Writing Style...)
    • Location Tagging for Blog Posts
    • User Profile Creation from Blogs/Facebook/Twitter and Search
    • Machine Learning for Website Type Detection
    • Social Network Interaction - Mining the borders


    Dipl.-Inf. Nuhad Shaabani for e-Health and secure tele-Medicine:

    • SOA-GTDS: SOA-based Gießener Tumor Documentation System



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