(last update on 15.09.2019)

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IT-Security Engineering Team

Senior Researcher, Head of IT-Security Engineering Team

  • Dr. rer. nat. Feng Cheng

PhD Students / Postdoc

  • Dr. Andrey Sapegin
  • Kennedy Torkura, M.Sc.
  • Christian Tietz, M.Sc.
  • Muhammad Sukmana, M.Sc.
  • Chris Pelchen, M.Sc.
  • Pejman Najafi, M.Sc.
  • Eric Klieme, M.Sc.
  • Alexander Mühle, M.Sc.
  • Daniel Köhler
  • Hendrik Graupner, M.Sc.(external)
  • Andreas Grüner, M.Sc. (external)

Master Students

  • Leonard Marschke (Work Student, Master Project Team in SS2019)
  • Leana Neuber (Master Project Team in SS2019)
  • Patrick Jattke (Master Project Team in SS2019)
  • Johannes Kroschewski (Master Project Team in SS2019)
  • Nils Strassenburg (Master Project Team in SS2019)
  • open topics (if you are interested, just drop me a line):

Bachelor Projects

  • no currently running Bachelor Projects


  • Konrad-Felix Krenz, M.Sc. (thesis submitted)
  • Aragats Amirkhanyan (thesis submitted, now with Yara International, Berlin)
  • Dr.-Ing. David Jaeger (PhD Dissertation, September 2019, now with Airbus Defence and Space, Munich)
  • Dr.-Ing. Marian Gawron: Towards Automated Advanced Vulnerability Analysis (PhD Dissertation, March 2019, now with Deutsche Bahn AG, Berlin)
  • Dr. Andrey Sapegin: High-Speed Security Log Analytics Using Hybrid Outlier Detection (PhD Dissertation, March 2019, now with HPI, Potsdam)
  • Dr.-Ing. Martin Ussath: Analytical Approaches for Advanced Attacks (PhD Dissertation, May 2018, now with DCSO, Berlin)
  • Dr. Amir Azodi: Towards Real-time SIEM Based Network Monitoring and Intrusion Detection Through Advanced Event Normalization (PhD Dissertation, April 2016, now with Deloitte, Berlin) 
  • Dr. Sebastian Roschke: Towards High Quality Security Event Correlation Using In-Memory and Multi-Core Processing (PhD Dissertation, May 2012, now with Snap Inc., CA, USA) 
  • Balthasar Martin: Evaluating the Security of Cloud-based Remote Access for the Internet of Things (Master Thesis, Feb. 2019, now with SRLabs, Berlin)
  • Daniel Stelter-Gliese: User-centric Realtime Embedded Web Application Firewalls (Master Thesis, Dec. 2016, now with Google Inc., Zurich)
  • Marian Gawron, MSc.: Vulnerability Modeling and Analytics: HPI-VDB (Master Thesis, Sept. 2013, now with Deutsche Bahn AG, Berlin)
  • David Jaeger, MSc.: Monitoring in Scenario-based Security Experiments (Master Thesis, Aug. 2012, now with Airbus SE, Munich)
  • Robert Schuppenies, MSc.: Automatic Extraction of Vulnerability Information for Attack Graphs (Master Thesis, Mar. 2009, now with Google Inc, CA, USA.)
  • Sebastian Roschke: IDS Management on Lock-Keeper (Master Thesis, Nov. 2008, now with Snap Inc., CA, USA)
  • Diplom.-Inf. Michael Menzel: Securing Web Services using Lock-Keeper (Diplomarbeit, Aug. 2006, now with Senacor Technologies AG)
  • Christian Liesegang, MSc.: A Network Security Measurement Framework (Master Thesis, Aug. 2006, now with Remerge GmbH)
  • BP2017M1: A Big Security Data Analytical Framework (Bachelor Project, cooperated with SAP SE and T-Systems International GmbH, October 2017-July 2018)
  • BP2012-M2: Security Testing and Surveillance for Large-Scale Software (Bachelor Project, cooperated with SAP AG and SAP Innovation Center, Oct. 2012 -- Sept. 2013)
  • BP2008-M3: Lock-Keeper Web Services Gateway for Advanced Management and High Security of Service-oriented Applications (Bachelor Project, cooperated with Siemens and Actisis GmBH, Oct. 2008 -- Sept. 2009)
  • BP2006-B2: Development of a Service-Oriented Architecture for Police Brandenburg's Internetwache based on Lock-Keeper (Bachelor Project, cooperated with Police Brandenburg, Oct. 2006 -- Sept. 2007)
  • BP2006-M2: Database Replication over Lock-Keeper (Bachelor Project, cooperated with Siemens Switzerland, Apr. 2006 -- Mar. 2007)
  • Tatiana Gayvoronskaya (Research Assistant, Feb. 2016 -- Jul. 2019)
  • Mirko Krause (Work Student, Oct. 2018 -- Mar. 2019)
  • Marcus Konrad (Intern Student, Jan. 2015 -- Dec. 2015)
  • Daniel Stelter-Gliese (Intern Student, Apr. 2012 --  Jul. 2015)
  • Willi Gierke (Intern Student, Jan. 2015 -- Jul. 2015)
  • Carl Ambroselli (Intern Student, Feb. 2014 -- Dec. 2014)
  • Marian Gawron (Intern Student, April. 2012 -- Sept. 2013)
  • Richard Meissner (Intern Student, Oct. 2010 -- Jul. 2013)
  • Florian Westphal (Intern Student, Sept. 2010 -- Apr. 2013)
  • David Jaeger (Intern Student, Jul. 2009 -- Jul. 2012)
  • Hubert Hesse (Intern Student, April. 2012 -- Jul. 2012)
  • Bjoern Groneberg (Intern Student, Sept. 2010 -- Jun. 2011)
  • Thanh Dien Tran (Intern Student, Nov. 2008 -- Sept. 2009)
  • Robert Schuppenies (Intern Student, Jan. 2007 -- Mar. 2009, now with Google Inc.)
  • Ge Zhang (Intern Student, Oct. 2007 -- May. 2008, now with Google Inc.)
  • Sebastian Roschke (Intern Student, Apr. 2007 -- Oct. 2008)
  • Johannes Harungguan (Visiting Researcher from Indonesia, Nov. 2012 -- Jan. 2013)
  • Dr. Yong Zhang (Visiting Researcher from China, Jun. -- Sept. 2011)
  • Piotr Szymanski (Visiting Student from Poland, Feb. -- Sept. 2010)
  • Dr. Lijuan Duan (Visiting Researcher from China, Jun. -- Sept. 2009)
  • Dr. Lichun Wang (Visiting Researcher from China, Jun. -- Jul. 2009)
  • Alberto Diniz Bueno Filho (Visiting Student from Brazil, Jul. -- Sept. 2004)