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Bachelor Project B3: Lecture Browser for Tele-TASK Lectures



The tele-TASK platform is an online archive managing a heavily increasing number of tele lectures and video recordings of scientific conferences. These resources are freely available for every internet user. The organization and preparation of content - video data in this case - is essential for the success of a web portal and for the usability. These tasks should be as convenient as possible for those who enter content into the platform.
The tele-TASK platform shall be extended and enhanced with respect to the integration of semantic web technologies into the system and thus giving the user further possibilities for the purposeful search in multimedia data. Thereby learning with tele lectures  can be a more personal process (semantic lecture browser or search engine).
The Lycée Technique Esch-Sur-Alzette (LTE) - a technical high school in Luxembourg is our external partner for this project.


Features and Functionality

  1. Video Search Engine
    Searching the content of multimedia data is difficult since it is not searchable like text.

  2. Annotation Tool


Project Team Members

  • Christoph Barth
  • Torsten Becker
  • Hans Hasselberg
  • Frederik Rudeck



(f.l.t.r.: Katrin Krieger, Torsten Becker, Christoph Barth, Frederik Rudeck, Hans Hasselberg, Prof. Dr. Christoph Meinel)