Design Thinking

... is a concept of methods and processes to meet challenges, acquire information, analyse knowledge, and position solutions in designing products, services, and processes with the overall goal to generate innovation. It was developed at the heart of Silicon Valley, and is practiced and taught with awesome success at Stanford's famous as well as at HPI's D-School in Potsdam. Design Thinking enables professionals to develop innovative and particularly user-friendly products and services in multidisciplinary teams. The philosophy behind is the conviction that it is possible to train engineers and scientists to become innovators by melding an end-user focus with multidisciplinary collaboration and iterative improvements. Design Thinking has proved to be a very powerful approach for achieving desirable, user-friendly, and economically viable design solutions, innovative products and services. 

Design Thinking Research

... aims to scientifically understand when, why, and how design thinking works and which factors ultimatively contribute to the success of innovations driven by the design thinking approach. There is a common research program between HPI and Stanford university that provides a fruitful frame and inspiring environment for performing design thinking research. 
The team of Prof. Dr. Christoph Meinel is participating in the Hasso Plattner Design Thinking Research Program (HPDTRP) and is, in particular, interested to

  • deeper understand how the design thinking method can be adopted in the field of IT (information technology) and engineering. How does it inspire creative multidisciplinary teamwork across faculties; whether and how spatial, time, and cultural boundaries can be overcome; and how it can be meshed with traditional approaches in engineering
  • design, implement, and test new IT systems and tools that support teamwork of design thinking teams in creating innovations that are able to bridge distances in space and time.

Our Ongoing Design Thinking Research Projects

  • In the project "Tele-Board" we develop innovative Web-based collaboration tools to support distributed design thinking. For more information click here.
  • In the project "Tele-Board MED" we develop a tool to support patient-doctor-communication and medical documentation. For more information please click here.
  • In the project "Design Thinking at scale" we investigate the potential of teaching and learning design thinking through digital learning formats and channels with a special focus on the MOOC platform openHPI. For more information please click here.

Design Thinking can be understood as an intervention that leaves a deep impact on the innovation culture of a company.

Former Design Thinking Research Projects

  • In the project "e.valuate" we analyzed driving forces of design thinking. What difference does it make when people work in monodisciplary versus multidisciplinary teams, when they work in open creative spaces as opposed to classical seminar rooms? Questions like these have been addressed experimentally. For more information please click here.
  • In the project "From Prototype to Innovation" we investigated how Design Thinking demands and fosters interactions within corporations. For more information click here.

Our Design Thinking Research Team

  • Head (PI): Prof. Dr. Christoph Meinel
  • Team
    • Anja Perlich
    • Holger Rhinow
    • Jan Schmiedgen
    • Karen von Schmieden
    • Mana Taheri
    • Dr. Julia von Thienen
    • Thomas Unterholzer
    • Matthias Wenzel

  • Former Members: Oliver Böckmann, Lutz Gericke, Raja Gumienny, Birgit Jobst, Eva Köppen, Tilmann Lindberg, Christine Noweski, Matthias Quasthoff, Ingo Rauth, Ralf Wagner, Christian Willems

Our Publications in Innovation and Design Thinking Research

Here you can find our papers about innovation and design thinking research. All our publications are listet here.

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