Specialized, but easy-to-handle content management systems have made weblogs a popular form of disseminateing and exchanging information in the world wide web with a strong focus on updatable content, social interaction, and interoperability with other web authoring systems. Since the end of the 90s, weblogs have become an essential component of today’s cyber culture. Their real information or surplus value does however not reside in single entities alone, but rather in the complex superstructure they all are embedded in: a segmented collective of millions of weblogs that dynamically evolves and functions according to its own rules and with ever-changing protagonists, an exceptionally interlinked network also known as the “Blogosphere”.

In the research of the team of Prof. Dr. Christoph Meinel this weblog-phenomena is investigated with the ultimate objective to conceptualize a framework capable of analyzing and providing the rehashed information of the blogosphere in one central instance. The aggregation of knowledge in the blogosphere has created a gigantic and constantly changing archive of open-source intelligence. As a consequence, it has become more and more attractive for a multitude of individuals, institutions, or even governments to extract reliable and insightful trends, opinions or particular pieces of information out of this vast pool of knowledge. However, with the rising number of blogs worldwide, such activities have become increasingly tedious and complex.

We investigate and prove

  • the applicability of weblogs to fundamentally different fields of application with specifically built up, independent blog platforms,
  • design and investigate methodes and algorithms capable of indexing, analyzing and filtering blog-information, and
  • we design and implement an analytics platform for capturing all relevant information of the blogoshere.

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